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The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

Winter does not officially start until tomorrow, but here on Long Island we have been buried under a blizzard! We were forecast to get 12 - 18 inches of snow, but boy, was the weatherman wrong! We got 27 inches! Have you ever seen what 27 inches of snow looks like? This was the view of the driveway from the front door. The front of MJ's car was almost completely buried by the white stuff! Shoveling all that snow was not fun, but were lucky that a neighbor with a snow blower took pity on us and came over to lend us a hand. One thing that we are blessed with is nice neighbors.

After MJ got the front walkway shoveled the kids got all bundled up in their snow gear and headed out to have some fun! As you can see, the snow that MJ had shoveled is almost as tall as Z! When he walks through the snow on the grass in the yard it comes up to his waist and he has such a hard time walking because the snow is so high.

They tried to be dad's helpers before they had fun by doing a litt…

Ornaments, More Ornaments and A Work In Progress

I don't know about any of you, but the two weeks leading up to Christmas are just crazy here. Between doctor appointments, running around to get those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers, and activities for the kids, half the time I'm not sure if I'm coming or going. All I can say is thank goodness for my favorite chair and my stitching. I need to do something to keep me from going holiday crazy! Hang on though, because I have lots to share and lots of pictures for you to look at.

Lat week at Sit and Stitch at the Lazy Daisy we had a little holiday party, and one of the new parts to this year's party was an ornament exchange. I think that we had 9 people participate and everyone got something nice. The ornament I received was made my Janet:

The little Christmas tree front:

And the back: Isn't it cute?
This year, for the first time, I participated in ornament exchanges on two message boards that I belong to. I got this ornament from Sue (along with some yum…

O, Christmas Tree

This past weekend was Christmas tree day! As you can see, we have an artificial tree and the boys absolutely love to help their dad put it together:

Here it is with all of the lights and ornaments:

See that panda next to the tree? My mother-in-law bought that for me for my first Christmas that MJ and I were married (she knew the way to my heart) and it moves! The head and arms move when it's plugged in and turned on, and every year he sits right next to our tree. I love that little guy! This is my ornament tree:
It's fiber optic, so it lights up and looks so nice. This belonged to my parents and I got it after they passed away. For the longest time I didn't use it because it's so small and I was not quite sure where to put it or what to do with it. Then, a few years ago, I decided to take all of my stitched ornaments off of the big Christmas tree and put them on that little tree. I had not really made alot of ornaments at that time, so that first year it looked pr…