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Last week I made it to a milestone that some women, including myself, look forward to with dread: I turned 40 year old. Ack!! How did I get to be 40 years old? I feel like I just had my kids and I was young when I had them. But then again, my oldest is going to turn 11 this year, so to say that I just had them is a bit of a stretch. I was 30 when my parents passed away, so that idea that I have been without them for 10 years is a little mind boggling. I'll be married for 13 years this year and you don't get to be married for that long unless the years fly by.

Ahh, well. 40 it is. For my birthday MJ and I took a quiet three days away and went to Williamsburg, VA. I have always wanted to go there and see the colonial restoration. We have been talking about going for years. I remember talking about it before we were even married, but for some reason we just never got there. So, when we started talking about taking a few days for my birthday I thought about going there…

HAED Update

I know that alot of people make stitching resolutions at the beginning of each year. I always say that I don't do that, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really do make them. This year the resolution is to make some genuine progress on the HAED. I finished page 3 last Sunday and have gotten almost half way through page 4. This is the picture taken earlier this week:

My little black and white friend is starting to look pretty good, I think!! As I said, I'm about half way through the next page, but it's a slow go. I feel like it takes sooooo long to make any noticeable progress. I'm not sure if it's because at the moment I'm stitching a large section of sky that is nothing but blue, blue and more blue, or if it's because I'm stitching over 1. Either way, while I really do enjoy working on this piece, it only holds my attention for only so long, and then I'm looking for something else to work on. Which leads me to anothe…

First Finish Of The Year

I finished Home Of A Needleworker the other day and since I knew that I was going to finish it as a wall hanging I had to make a trip to Joanne Fabrics in the hope of finding something that I thought would work. I don't know about you, but sometimes I got to look for fabric for a certain project, and I have something in my mind, but I can never seem to find what I see in my mind's eye. I end up roaming around the store, endlessly looking for something that apparently does not exist. For this one, though, I really didn't have any idea what kind of fabric that I wanted. The color green kept leaping to mind, but I was not really sure about it. So, I took the finished stitched piece with me so I could hold it up against any fabric that I thought might catch my eye. I was in the store all of five minutes when I came across this brown and blue fabric and I just could not believe my eyes! It was perfect!!

Two hours were spent sitting at my sewing machine this morning, with…

Family Visit and Last Finish of 2009 (Well, Almost)

Happy New Year!! I hope that 2010 brings all of you much love and happiness.

The day after Christmas my family and I flew to Houston, TX to visit my sister and her family. V moved to Texas a little more than five years ago and this is the first time that we have been able to go down there. It was good to see her. They were here in New York visiting my BIL's family over the summer and we decided to go down there for a visit a short time later. This is us in front of their Christmas tree:

That's me in the purple.

M, Z, and my niece, B, also in front of the Christmas tree:

While I was away I almost got Home Of A Needleworker done. I actually got alot of stitching done on the airplane going down to Houston and coming back to New York. I think that it's going to be finished as a wall hanging and hung in the living room.

Happy New Year to all!