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Stars Seen, Progress Slowed

We were away for our annual trip to the National Sports Collector's Convention a few weeks ago.  Since I had two recent finishes I decided that something new should be kitted up and brought with me.  I had lots to choose from, and the winner was Mandala Panda. 

I started it just before we left.

I got as far as his nose.  Progress was made while MJ and Z were at the convention.  By the time the week was out and it was time to head home you could really see the beautiful colors!

It was wonderful to have some quiet stitching time.  Then we got home and it was back to reality.  Work, laundry, you all know how that goes.  That was when progress slowed.

For several weeks I've had pain in my hand.  I kept saying it would get better.   I'm getting older, and it's just the aches and pains that go with it.   I finally broke down and went to the doctor.  The diagnosis?

Something called calcific tendonitis, which is when a calcification forms on the tendon.  It's painful, but …