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Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

Fearing that they would become a UFO and live the rest of their days in the dark, Mickey and Minnie broke out of the stitching bag and insisted that they see the light of day.

When last we saw them they looked like this:

Pluto was a large blob of yellow at the bottom of the fabric.

After a few days of some love and attention:

Pluto still looks like a blob of yellow at the bottom of the fabric, but he also has an ear and a collar.

While I'm on the subject of Pluto, I just have to say something. I know that using several shades of color give the finished piece fo great look. The shading really brings out alot. But really? Eight shades of yellow? Do we really need that many?

I think that's why I left if to sit in the dark for so long. I took a look at Pluto's chart and said, "" But, knowing that there really is not that much more to stitch is really what brought it out of the stitching bag. I have to finish Pluto, stitch the fishing pole that is suppos…

The Right Side Of The Table Runner

So, now that I am back to my stitching, I am moving right along with the table runner. The right side of the project is done:

Two more pages and it will be finished. Then I just have to figure out how to finish it. The chart gives directions for finishing it, but I'm one of those people who actually needs to see it done rather than just reading how to do it. I guess you could say that I'm more of a "visual learner". I'm hoping that however I finish it, the finishing will do the stitching justice.

I keep telling myself that there are other projects I need to get back to. Mickey and Minnie come to mind, and then there are the pandas of HAED fame. Maybe this week I'll pull one of the other projects out, but I am really loving this one. I've come to really enjoy the monochrome things. I find them so easy without having to look at symbols for color changes. I have a few small ones always kitted up and ready to take with me. MJ laughs at me and M alwa…