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Summer Time!

Once again, I have let far too much time go by between postings. And once again, there has not been alot of stitching progress made, but it certainly has been an exciting few weeks. Shall I start with the news of the Pitt bull attack?

I was walking over to my neighbor's house two weeks ago to bring her something and as I walked up her walkway her very large dog, which I found out later is a Pitt bull-boxer mixed breed and belongs to her son who moved to Arizona three months ago, starting jumping and barking. Not realizing that he was dangerous, I kept walking. Then the dog jumped on the door and it opened, and this very large dog jumped out at me, knocked me down, and bit my arm! Considering that it was Pitt bull I think that I'm lucky that was all he got. The last thing I remember was the door opening and the next thing I remember was sitting on the lawn looking at my arm and just screaming because I knew I was hurt. Thank goodness neither of the kids were with me! Fr…

Not Much Stitching Going On

Hello, faithful blog readers. Is anyone still with me out there in blog-land? I don't think I've ever gone this long between blog posts, but there really has not been any stitching to talk about. I did manage to finish page 7 of the HAED, but that was over two weeks ago and I have not picked up a needle since, except for the night my friend came over for stitch night, and even then I didn't get a whole lot done on the pumpkin and oak leaf design.

Things here have been a little...difficult, I guess would be the correct word. Aside from that, it's the end of the school year here and there are lots of activities planned for M and the 5th grade class over the next two weeks. I'm hoping to get myself back on track soon.