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Stitching On the Road

It was an exciting weekend.  My niece and God-daughter graduated high school!  MJ, Z, and I travelled from New York to Texas so we could be part of the festivities.

My sister, Vicki, and I with the graduate.  I'm in the sleeveless brown dress.

Z, me, my niece, and MJ.

It was HOT in Texas!!  I knew it would be (my sister warned me), but I was definitely not prepared for the heat, although Vicki told me that it's not usually that hot (almost 100 degrees every day we were there) this early.  I guess I'm just lucky like that.
Of course, when I travel my stitching goes with me.  I knew which stitching projects I was taking with me before I even knew what clothes I was packing!  

Progress has been made on the panda project.  I have to finish the one panda, stitch the piece of bamboo they are each holding, and do the grassy area they are sitting on.  And the backstitching, of course.  Isn't there always backstitching?

I'll close this post with some pretties from my rose b…