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Wow! Has it really been since September since I posted to my blog?

We have been having a tremendous amount of trouble with M. I know that he's a pre-teen and that trouble tends to come with that age group, but this was way beyond normal pre-teen issues. It's been a long, hard five months since my last post and along the way I have questioned many, many times how in heaven's name the good Lord could have thought that I could actually parent this child successfully. My sister-in-law says that he was given to me because he's almost reached the age of 12 and he's still breathing, despite all of the troubles that we have gone through. It's been a really long and tough road with him, but he is doing better (finally) and I believe that I have assembled a great team to work with me and with him. It's so nice to finally see that light at the end of tunnel and to know that all of the choices that MJ and I have made since last summer, really, have been the right…