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Getting Lots Accomplished

Wow! Fall has started to arrive here in my little corner of the world. Football season is in full swing and there is nothing I like better than sitting in my chair, stitching in hand, and a football game on on the television. When my kids were small I missed being able to do that, but now that they are bigger, Sundays mean football and stitching. I love it! Fall also means post season time for baseball, and my beloved Yankees are back in the postseason, baby!! Woo hoo! I am a happy girl!

Stitching, you ask? Of course I've gotten some stitching done. I fit that in right along side getting the house cleaned up. Well, maybe the cleaning takes a back seat to stitching sometimes, but don't tell MJ! I have worked very hard convincing him that I am SO busy during the day while the kids are at school that I don't have time for myself. I don't think he believes me, though. I can't imagine why. Could it be the dust bunnies that tend to collect in some of the cor…

This And That

It's been a week, let me tell you. It started out with Z still having a very hard time about going to school. He told me earlier in the week that he didn't want to go because he was afraid of his teacher. So, I decided that I am going to nip this in the bud RIGHT NOW and call the school. The teacher called me back in the afternoon and she was very nice, and seemed quite shocked that Z said he was afraid of her. He did have a few days in school when he started to cry and told that he missed me and wanted to go home. She had him sit by her during the lesson that they were working on, and by the time the lesson was over he was fine. He even called her over one afternoon during play time so she could see what he and some other boys had built with the blocks. Does that sound like a frightened to you? He did seem to get better as the week went on, though. While I don't think that he's thrilled with going to school, he's at least not going in tears, which just k…

A Hard Morning

School has been in session for just over a week here, and so far everything has been going well. Until this morning. I don't know what happened. Everyone got up and did everything that they were supposed to do before they can play until it's time to head over to the bus stop. Z was playing with the boys at the bus stop and seemed fine. When they went to go line up for the bus, all of a sudden I saw that he looked sad. I went over to him and asked what was wrong and he started crying and saying that he wanted to go home. I'm not sure if something happened when he was playing with the older kids, or if something happened yesterday at school, but he was clearly not happy about having to go to school.

My MIL and I were walking after the bus left and our walking route takes us past the school, so I went over the door by the kindergarten wing and told the aide at the door that he got on the bus and was very upset so that his teacher would know what he was like when he l…

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

It's been a busy week here at Casa Pam. First and foremost was the beginning of school, and of course, the obligatory pictures that accompany such an auspicious occasion. This is the first year that Z is going to school, so it was doubly exciting here.

Z waiting at the bus stop:

I think he was nervous about going, but he refused to tell me so. So far he's happy about going. He likes riding the school bus and he got to buy lunch at school once last week. That was a very big deal to him. He has heard about his brother buying lunch at school and he has always wanted to do that, too. I think that was the most exciting part of his week, actually.

M at the bus stop:
This is my "baby's" last year in the elementary school. Next year it's on to the middle school. Yikes! When did he get old enough for that? He, too, is liking school so far, at least as much as a kid his age actually likes school, but that's another story. M has always been lucky when it c…

Another One Off My List

After I finished the sampler last week I sat down and made a stitching plan, which is actually a pretty big deal for me because I usually just fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to stitching and work on whatever my minds wants to work on at any given point. I decided that I wanted to start some Christmas ornaments, but that I had a few too many starts sitting in the stitching bag. So, if I wanted to get moving on some ornaments, a WIP would have to finished.

The project that was closest to being completed was the LHN piece that I started, so that was the projects of the week. Last night I put in the final stitches on it:

Again, it's not washed or ironed, but it's done. This is "Necessities Sampler" and it is stitched with DMC floss on 28 count Monaco fabric that I tea dyed.

Now, on to Christmas stitching!!!!! I headed into Lazy Daisy on Saturday to get some floss, and wound up with that, as well as fabric for the ornaments and a whole new set of ornaments that I…

Happy Dance of Sampler Joy!!

Anyone want to put on their happy dance shoes and join me? I finished my sampler this afternoon:

It's not washed or ironed yet, and it will be awhile until I get it framed because it's so big. I know exactly where I want to put it, too. There is a perfect spot in the dining room where everyone will be able to see it.

Talk about excited!! I am so happy to finally finishe this piece. I remember when I started it, thinking that 20 pages seemed so long. I still does, to be honest, but I guess when you compare it to the 69 page HAED, the 20 page sampler was a cake walk! When you first start something like this I guess you feel like you will never get to the end, or at least that is how I felt about it. But look at me now? One HUGE project done and out of my stitching bag! Now I plan on finished the LHN piece that I have started and then I think I will start some Christmas ornaments. I'm moving right along.

We are down to the last week of summer vacation here. Both if…