Getting Lots Accomplished

Wow! Fall has started to arrive here in my little corner of the world. Football season is in full swing and there is nothing I like better than sitting in my chair, stitching in hand, and a football game on on the television. When my kids were small I missed being able to do that, but now that they are bigger, Sundays mean football and stitching. I love it! Fall also means post season time for baseball, and my beloved Yankees are back in the postseason, baby!! Woo hoo! I am a happy girl!

Stitching, you ask? Of course I've gotten some stitching done. I fit that in right along side getting the house cleaned up. Well, maybe the cleaning takes a back seat to stitching sometimes, but don't tell MJ! I have worked very hard convincing him that I am SO busy during the day while the kids are at school that I don't have time for myself. I don't think he believes me, though. I can't imagine why. Could it be the dust bunnies that tend to collect in some of the corners? If the bunnies are there long enough, can they be classified as pets?

Anyway, do I have stitching to show! Just a warning, this post is pretty picture heavy:

Mickey and Minnie have returned from the bottom of the stitching bag and Minnie finally has a full dress, and the beginnings of a bench for the happy couple to sit on. Right now I seem to be at a stand still because for some reason stitching that bench is really not making me happy. I keep telling myself that once it's done I can get to their shoes and then to Pluto, but it seems to be a slow go at this point. MJ was happy to see that I am a bit more than halfway done with it because this was the kit that he picked out. I even have a place in out bedroom where I want to put it. Now I just have to finish it!

Now, I can't take credit for this idea. It was actually my friend, Christine (no blog) who did this first and I thought it was a great idea. This is a chip clip. It's one of those ones with a magnet on the back. It case you are wondering that it's hanging from, that would be the pole for my Ott light.

It perfectly holds my chart or my color key!

In the mood for some Christmas stitching to get you in the holiday spirit? Two more Christmas ornament have made it to the "finished" pile:

And a snowman:
Actually, I also finished another gingerbread man, but he's really the same as the first one that I did. I was in Joanne Fabrics this morning and I found the PERFECT fabric to finish the back of the gingerbread men ones. I can't wait to get out the sewing machine! I am in three ornament exchanges this year so I need to get a few more ornies done if I want to keep some for myself.

Last, but not least, is my M. His teacher had the class do this "getting to know you" kind of project. It was called "M In The Box" M had to pick 10 things there were important to him and write about why he felt that way about them. Among other things that he picked, he wanted the Buzz and Woody wall hanging that I made him, but it was too big for the box. So, we took a picture of him holding it and added that to the box. I have to admit that my little heart went all aflutter when he told me that we had "to find a way" to get that wall hanging into the box. That is the smile that could melt my heart!

And I thought that it didn't matter to him? Sniff! I have to go wipe away my mommy tears. Have a good day!


doris said…
Busy girl! I'm not sure how you manage to get so much done.
Hi Pam, Thanks for the wishes and I hope you are having fun with the finishes. Micky and Mini are coming along nicely. Funny how sometimes we hit a block on a piece and there it sits for a time. Nice to see that Buzz and Woody made it into the box. Funny what our children learn when we are not watching eh? You have a nice week and be always in stitches
Deb said…
Love your stitching, but really love your stitch clip thing. I never even thought of doing something like that, but it would make my world better and so much easier to read my charts!!
Kathy said…
Great stitching! I so agree about Sundays, football and stitching. They are some of my favorite days too. :)

Love the photo of M. Oh, and Buzz and Woody too. :)

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