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It's been a week, let me tell you. It started out with Z still having a very hard time about going to school. He told me earlier in the week that he didn't want to go because he was afraid of his teacher. So, I decided that I am going to nip this in the bud RIGHT NOW and call the school. The teacher called me back in the afternoon and she was very nice, and seemed quite shocked that Z said he was afraid of her. He did have a few days in school when he started to cry and told that he missed me and wanted to go home. She had him sit by her during the lesson that they were working on, and by the time the lesson was over he was fine. He even called her over one afternoon during play time so she could see what he and some other boys had built with the blocks. Does that sound like a frightened to you? He did seem to get better as the week went on, though. While I don't think that he's thrilled with going to school, he's at least not going in tears, which just kills me to see.

On a good note, the school district FINALLY approved speech services for him. I've only been trying to get him speech since he was 2! They admitted that he needed speech help. but it was not bad enough that they felt the need to help him. Then when he went for his kindergarten evaluation they suddenly has concerns about his speech and articulation! YIKES!!! Talk about frustrating! When open school night rolled around I made sure that I found my way down to the speech teacher's classroom to voice my concerns and make sure they knew his history. Looks like my persistence finally paid off. Thank goodness!

You would think that with two kids in school I would be getting a ton of stitching done, right? Wrong!! Don't get me wrong. I do get stitching time, but not as much as I thought I would and the day seems to go so fast! Before I know it it's two o'clock and they're coming home in an hour! Anyway, I have gotten six ornaments stitched and I joined two ornament exchanges, and I think that Lazy Daisy is going to be doing one, so that would be a third. This are a first for me as I've never done an ornament exchange before. I hope that my trading partner will be happy with what I come up with. I think that next week I'll head over to the fabric store and see if the Christmas fabrics are out yet. There is seriously something wrong with me when I'm thinking Christmas fabric and it's not even October yet. Also, the WIP's in the stitching bag were calling me and crying for attention, so I picked up Minnie and Mickey and decided to let them see the light of day for awhile.

I know, I know. What about the HAED?? I'll get back to it. Actually, it's kind of intimidating me all of a sudden. That large frogging job that I had to do on gave me the willies about working on it. Frogging over one is such a pain in the - well you know where it's a pain. This is one of those times when I have to look my fears right in the face and scream right back at them, right? Jump back into the pool? Get back on the horse? Get back to the HAED? I'll get there - eventually! I would hate to think that the money for the fabric and floss that I spent would go to waste!

Next time I post I hope to have pictures of the ornaments and the progress on the Disney kit. Heck, maybe I'll even pick the HAED up again.

Yeah, right!


tkdquintmom said…
You're doing great when it comes to Z and being persistant about his needs. I've often felt that kids get so lost in the system. I hate that feeling and it's not fair to them.
I haven't touched my HEAD and I can't tell you how long...I had to take a break from it...smaller projects were calling me to get them done. :)

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