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Back From Vacation!

I know that not all of the states have a Mid-Winter Break in February, but our kids had off from school all last week. MJ and I decided to use the week for our trip to Disney World! We spent a fortune in airfare, but it was a much better alternative than driving. The weather was cool, but 68 degrees was ALOT warmer that what we have here in New York, so I was happy to be able to walk around the parks in jeans, and tee shirt, and a light jacket. One of my favorite things to do in Disney World is the Harambe Safari attraction in Animal Kingdom. We saw lot of animals this year, including this elephant drinking by the lake:

Isn't he just beautiful? If I didn't have a thing for pandas, I would be totally in love with elephants! I love them, too.

And of course, no trip to Disney would be complete without seeing the big mouse himself:

All in all, it was a very good trip. M went on alot of rides that he was unwilling to go on before. Something tells me that had more to do with…

Do I Start It Over?

When I posted the picture of the Disney kit that I started I said that I had another one that I started that landed in my UFO pile and that I would post about it at another time. Well, here is my story and I'm hoping that you will give me your opinions.

I started this several years ago:

My first problem is that I messed up my counting somewhere along the line. I'm really not sure where and nothing is lining up the way it is supposed to. I could probably fudge it and no one would really know the difference, but in my mind it's so messed up it's just hard to figure out how to go forward.

My second problem is that I started it on aida, which was the fabric that came with the kit. At the time I was okay with stitching on aida, but since then my tastes have changed and I really don't like stitching on aida anymore. I would rather stitch on evenweave.

The third problem is there is ALOT of white on white stitching (which I think is how I messed up my counting in the fir…

New Followers!

I just noticed that I have more followers! I'm so excited! Sometimes it's just the little things in life that can make your day, you know what I mean?

Moving Right Along

I've made some progress on two new projects. This is "Not Tonight, Dear". I have really come to love monochrome designs. They stitch up quickly, and having only one color to deal with makes them idea projects to take along with me.

I take my stitching with me when I have doctor appointments, when Z has gymnastics, anywhere that I will have to wait for a while. The gymnastics classes are an hour long, so I sit in the parents room and stitch while Z tumbles his little heart out. You would be amazed how many people ask to see what I'm working on and tell me that they stitch, too, or how long it's been since they had time to sit and do some stitching.

I've become friendly with a woman from Z's pre-school whose son has become friends with Z. She was telling me that she used to do needlepoint, but hasn't touched it since her kids were born because she feels guilty about taking the time for herself to work on it. She feels like she's always got to …

They Grow Up So Fast

I don't know where the time has gone. This morning I went to register Z for kindergarten! How did he get old enough for kindergarten? Yikes! Not only is M a fourth grader, who will be in fifth soon enough, but now my "baby" will be getting on the school bus along with him, waving good-bye to me as he goes off to school to learn the three R's (and a whole lot more!). Some tell me that I will be "a lady of leisure" now that both of the little munchkins are in school, but I don't know about that. I find plenty to do around the house. And just think of the extra stitching time I will be able to have! Well, maybe it's not so bad that he's old enough to go to school.

I finished the panda that I was making for Z as well. It was a small project, but I didn't stitch very much last week. I guess it was just one of those weeks where I could not get my act together and get the needle on my hand. Anyway, here is the little guy all finished up: