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The Trial And Tribulations of Stitching

Last week was sit and stitch at the Lazy Daisy. I love sit and stitch night. It's my favorite night of the month. My friend, Sheri, was working on this beautiful Christmas table topper by Blackberry Lane Designs. Then I was told that they had the same design, but in a table runner. Much better for my house:

While I was at the shop I bought 32 count fabric that I ran home and tea dyed the next day because I was very excited about it. Two days ago I went to buy floss that would go with this fabric that I dyed. After trying out lots of colors against the fabric color I found this floss with the greatest name I have ever heard. Ready for it? Swamp Water! That is the name of the floss. Swamp Water! It sounds vile, but really, it goes great with the fabric.

Yesterday I pulled out the chart for the table runner and I began to look through it because I was getting startitis, when I noticed something. You know how when you look at a chart and it gives you the approximate finishe…

Progress In More Ways Than One

Last week my goal was to get my leaflets organized. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions as to how you organize the leaflets that you have. I don't have a craft room where I have all of my stitching supplies. I have a closet. MJ and I renovated our house about 7 years ago and the room that was the master bedroom is now a family room/den type of room. There are two decent sized closets in that room and I took one over, added shelves, and moved my stash to it's new home. What I needed was something that would fit into the closet and keep everything together, and keep it neat and easy to access at the same time. If anyone who reads my blog also does scrap booking, you may be familiar with the solution that I came up with:

I found these in the scrap book section of AC Moore. They are designed to hold 12 x 12 sheets of scrap book paper, but the more I looked at them the more I thought that they would serve my purpose, so I thought I would give it a try.

The container…

A New Day, A New Start, A New Finish, and Some Help, Please

I'm about two weeks into the three week course of antibiotics for the Lyme's Disease, and I guess I'm feeling a little better. Not quite so sleepy and definitely not so achy. Which, for my stitching at least, is a good thing. I haven't felt like stitching much lately. I had to put the HAED pandas away for awhile because it was just too much to work on and too hard to concentrate on right now. But my stitching bag contains several projects, much easier to work on than the HAED, that are all kitted up and ready to go.

The new start is another Little House Needleworks design called "Embroidery Guild". I saw this at the LNS one day as I was walking out the door, having already spent the money that I had gone there to spend. I picked it up the next week because I had to have it.

I started it yesterday, so I have not gotten very far with it, but like all Little House Needleworks projects that I have stitched, I am enjoying it. I should be getting some good…

Slow Stitching

It's been a while since I posted to my blog, but I have not had alot to work to show. I went to the doctor for a routine physical a few weeks ago. I had not been feeling great, but everything that I was feeling was not things that I had never dealt with before, so I didn't think anything of it. Turns out I have been diagnosed as having Lyme's Disease! So, I am now on a three week course of antibiotics, then when that is done I have to go back to the doctor for more blood work. I'm going to be a pin cushion by the time this is over.

Since one of the symptoms of Lyme's Disease is extreme fatigue, I have not gotten alot of stitching done because I have been falling asleep on the couch as soon as I get the kids into bed. Or, on some nights, before they get into bed! LOL!! That's not good.

Now that I have been on the medication for about a week and a half I am starting to feel bit better and I did manage to get some stitching done in the last few days:

I was n…