The Trial And Tribulations of Stitching

Last week was sit and stitch at the Lazy Daisy. I love sit and stitch night. It's my favorite night of the month. My friend, Sheri, was working on this beautiful Christmas table topper by Blackberry Lane Designs. Then I was told that they had the same design, but in a table runner. Much better for my house:

While I was at the shop I bought 32 count fabric that I ran home and tea dyed the next day because I was very excited about it. Two days ago I went to buy floss that would go with this fabric that I dyed. After trying out lots of colors against the fabric color I found this floss with the greatest name I have ever heard. Ready for it? Swamp Water! That is the name of the floss. Swamp Water! It sounds vile, but really, it goes great with the fabric.

Yesterday I pulled out the chart for the table runner and I began to look through it because I was getting startitis, when I noticed something. You know how when you look at a chart and it gives you the approximate finished size of the design, and then you add three inches per side and you have the size of the fabric that you need? Well, in the little print way at the bottom of the page it says that the finished sizes are based on stitching the table topper OVER ONE, which was something that I was definitely not planning on doing. So, remember that 32 count fabric that I lovingly tea dyed because I was so excited about this project? It is not big enough in any way, shape, or form! This morning, back to the LNS I went, which by the way is not so local, so that I could buy 36 count fabric, which was the recommended fabric for stitching this project over two. It has to be ordered, so when it comes in I will bring it home and lovingly tea dye this new fabric all over again. I thought stitching was supposed to be easy?

Since I couldn't start the new project of choice, I opted to pull out an old one. MJ was asking me the other day, "Where is that Disney project you were working on?" I guess I will be working on this one for a while, which is fine because it's a fun project to work on. Yesterday I managed to get some work done on Minnie's shoes:

For anyone looking for a project update, I am happy to report that the ladies of the embroidery guild are done:

Well, all except for the French knot eyes. I may have said this before, but it is worth repeating: I am French knot impaired. There! I am not ashamed to admit it! I couldn't make a French knot if my life depended on it! So, it's a good thing that I am a stitcher with stitching friends who know how to make a French knot, because there have been many times when I have asked others to do what I can not. My friend, Chrissy, will finish the eyes so my ladies will be able to see, and then they will be taken to the framers.
Since I had to take a second trip into Lazy Daisy I decided to take Music and Books into the shop to get framed. Pictures of that one will be coming soon!
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Sarah said…
I have had similar frustrations with quilting too! Once I cut the fabric the wrong way and ended up with a bunch of pieces that were too small...whoops!
Love the Minnie and Mickey!
Elaine said…
Sorry about the fabric disaster, hope the new piece arrives soon.
Mickey and Minnie are just too cute!

I am in the same french knot club as
You have been busy, Pam! Your LHN finish is really cute (once the girls get their eyes) and your Disney piece is coming along - such fun, bright colors!

I also bought the wrong fabric one time not realizing something was stitched over one. It's okay though ---- more fabric to add to the stash!

Enjoy your weekend!
Mistylynn said…
Oh no Pam. Sorry about the fabric but once you get it this will be a gorgeous piece when done.

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