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When Dad Is In Charge

I finally seem to have gotten a little bit of my mojo back. I finished page 10 of the sampler and have started page 11. Woo hoo!! I'm halfway there!!

Since I'm short of stitching desire at the moment, this is a great project for me to work on because I feel like I'm making progress even if I've only stitched a few letters. It's not like a big picture where it may be hard to see I've accomplished with my stitching time.Saturday was a really warm day here. M had a little league game in the morning. We brought the kids home and they had some lunch, then decided that they both wanted to take a walk down to Gram and Grandpa's house. So, after MJ finished his lunch he took the kids for a walk. They were back fairly relatively quickly (Gram was not feeling well and didn't want to give it to the kids) so they came back and decided that they were all going to play hockey in the driveway. I watched them play for a little while, then came back inside to do some thi…

I Love Blog Reading

Ever sit down to check out the blogs that you follow, and then suddenly you look up and you realize that you've been blog reading for about an hour and half? I have to say that love to look at other blogs to see what everyone is working on. I also love to see what blogs other people are reading because I have found great new ones to read that way. I have found great ideas for finishing, great patterns that I never even knew were out there, and I think that I've made some friends along the way. When I started this I didn't know how well I would keep it up, or if anyone would even be interested in what I've stitched, but it's really been alot fun and I am so glad that I started.

No stitching pictures this time, but I have managed to get some stitching done on my sampler. It's just Z and me for dinner as MJ and M are going to a father/son bowling thing through the PTA at school. M is really looking forward to it. Tomorrow is another little league game and t…

It's Little League Time!

A few seasons ago M decided that he wanted to play baseball. We were skeptical, because he had never really shown any interest in playing anything before, but we signed him up and were lucky that he was placed on the same team with two of his friends. He loved it!! Now, every year, we anxiously await the beginning of little league. This past weekend was his first game. Luckily, it was the nicest day of the spring that we've had so far. Z decided for his birthday that he wanted a glove and ball so that he could play ball with his dad, just like his brother. He was playing catch on the sidelines during the game.

There is my little slugger! Now, I have to admit that he's not going to be the world's next David Wright (his favorite Met), but goes out there and tries hard. That's all that I could ask of him. This year he is playing on the Cardinals and he has a great coach!! I thought it was great that Saturday night she sent an e-mail to each boy on the team telli…

It's Easter!!

Happy Easter, everyone! Is everyone having a good day? We started our day early and went to 9:00 am mass. The kids were excited to come down into the kitchen this morning and find their Easter baskets filled with goodies. That Easter bunny really know what my kids like!! I'm cooking dinner and the ham is in the oven. The house smells really good. MJ took the kids for a walk down to their Gram and Grandpa's house, although they will see them later when they get here for dinner. All I have to do for dinner is make the potatoes, crescent rolls, and some corn. I like cooking for Easter because the crowd is smaller that usual, and I think it's easy

I still haven't gotten my stitching mojo back and I'm starting to wonder where it went, why it's staying away so long, and when it plans to come home. Hopefully, I'll get back into the swing of things soon. I have these projects started and I would really like to finish them, but I seem to be lacking in the …

Not A Whole Lot of Stitching

I have not had a great stitching week. I don't know what the problem is, but my mojo seems to have been MIA for most of the week. I even started a new project, thinking that would excited and motivate me, but I didn't get a lot accomplished on it. This is called "Franky the Thinker" by Glendon Place. I kitted him up months ago and have been carrying him around in my stitching bag ever since, but for some reason I never got to him.

This is as far as I've gotten in two days worth of stitching:
This is part of Franky's arm. The fabric is called Okeefenokee by Crossed Winged Collection. It's got green, black, and purple in it and I think it's perfect for a Halloween stitch. I'm having a little trouble stitching on the dark fabric, but I've been working through it. I'm hoping to get moving on it because I really think that this will be a fun piece to work on. I like fun designs like this one.
Here is an update on Mickey and Minnie: Minni…

Some Proper Stitches

Baseball is the best medicine! Last night I was watching the Sunday night game on ESPN and I did some proper stitches. Actually, I enjoyed going through the book and looking at all of the different stitches and trying to figure out how to do them. There are some that I really need someone to sit down and show me (like a chain stitch. How the heck do you do that?) but I got a few of them down and they were much easier than I thought.

So, from the top left we have: rice stitch, diagonal rice stitch, block stitch, arrowhead stitch, Queen stitch, Irish stitch, and Parisian stitch.

Second row: various eyelet stitches and a box of cross stitches filled in with a satin stitch.

Now, if you look at the second eyelet stitch I think it becomes really apparent that I need to work on that a bit more, but the smaller ones I think came out pretty good. In a way I feel like I've opened up a really cool can of worms because I keep going through the book to see what else is in there and what I …

The Proper Stitch

Does any one have this book? I saw some people posting about it on one of the message boards that I belong to, and I thought to myself, "Self, you need to check this book out." For anyone not familiar with it, this is a link describing it:

I received it the other day and I have to say that it's really cool! It details how to do alot of specialty stitches, which intimidate the heck out of me. Ever since I got it on Thursday I have wanted to pull out my needle, some floss, and a piece of scrap material so I could try to learn some new and exciting stitches. If I can get anything done I will take pictures and post my accomplishments.

This was not a good stitching week. It seems that in my house my kids' birthdays last forever! Today was the kiddie party, which was here at my house, so I was trying to get my home sort of kid proofed for the invasion. LOL!! All week it was cold and rainy here on Long Island,…

I've Been Given Another Award

Suzanne ( gave me this Kreative Blogger award and I was really excited about it. I'm happy that someone out there reads what I've written and likes that stitching that I do.
Now I'm supposed to nominate 8 other people for this award, but I'm having a very hard time with it. There are several blogs that I've recently discovered,. many of whom have already been awarded this. So. I think that I'm just going to say a really BIG thank you to Suzanne and leave it at that.

Thank you, Suzanne. This really does mean alot to me.