It's Easter!!

Happy Easter, everyone! Is everyone having a good day? We started our day early and went to 9:00 am mass. The kids were excited to come down into the kitchen this morning and find their Easter baskets filled with goodies. That Easter bunny really know what my kids like!! I'm cooking dinner and the ham is in the oven. The house smells really good. MJ took the kids for a walk down to their Gram and Grandpa's house, although they will see them later when they get here for dinner. All I have to do for dinner is make the potatoes, crescent rolls, and some corn. I like cooking for Easter because the crowd is smaller that usual, and I think it's easy

I still haven't gotten my stitching mojo back and I'm starting to wonder where it went, why it's staying away so long, and when it plans to come home. Hopefully, I'll get back into the swing of things soon. I have these projects started and I would really like to finish them, but I seem to be lacking in the desire department. This Thursday is Sit and Stitch night at the Lazy Daisy, and that usually puts me in a good stitching mood. At least I know I will be getting something accomplished that night. One out of seven nights? I guess it's better than nothing.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter with their family and friends. And don't eat too many of those little chocolate Easter eggs!


tkdquintmom said…
Happy Easter to you Pam! Here's to some chocolate of your own!
Hi Pam! We had a lovely Easter even though my oldest son is on Spring Break. It's been fun having my younger son (16 yo) around by himself. So glad yours was happy, too! I guess our stitching mojos are on their own spring break somewhere! Mine is probably sipping a pina colada! I hope they both come home soon!
Hazel said…
Awww, hope your mojo comes back soon. Mine does that too. xx

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