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Miracles Do Happen

I don't know about the rest of you, but after being married for 11 + years I tend to think that there are times when I talk and no one is really listening. My mother used to say, "I feel like I"m talking to a brick wall!" I now know how she felt. But, I have to say that miracles do happen and I found that MJ really DOES listen to me.

We were recently at a family funeral and I was talking to my cousin. He and his wife had recently moved into a new house and I had seem a picture of his wife's sewing machine all set up. I was asking my cousin if they had a spare bedroom that she had turned into her quilting room and he told me that she her machine set up on a table in their bedroom. I told my cousin that I wish I was able to have my sewing machine set up because right now I sew on my dining room table, which is plenty big enough, but my dining room table has become the catch all place for things that I'm not sure what to do with. "Just put in on the dining …

Works in Progress

Sometimes I find it amazing that I get time to stitch during the day. Sometimes at night after I get the kids to bed I'm just too tired to pick up my needle. Then there are days when the time to stitch just drops into my lap. Yesterday was a good example. Z wanted to play on the computer. I don't like to leave him alone when he's on the computer, but at the same time he knows how to play a few games well enough that he does not need me hovering over him. My solution? He plays on the computer and I sit on the couch next to him and stitch. He feels like he's a "big boy" because he gets to play and I get to keep an eye on him and do my stitching at the same time. It's a mother's dream!

This is what I was working on while little man played. It's called "The Anniversary" and it's by My Big Toe. MJ's brother is getting married next year and I thought it would make a lovely wedding sampler. I've become good friends with my future SIL…

Look What I Made!!

A creative mind is a wonderful thing! MJ's brother and his wife are expecting a baby in the just a few weeks. I made blankets of various sorts for their other two kids, so I felt that I could not leave this little one out in the cold. This is the quilt I made for him. I didn't want something that was totally baby, but rather something that he would be able to grow up with a bit. There is nothing better than being able to combine two of my hobbies: cross stitching and quilting! I'm not the best quilter in the world, but I can do some basic stuff and come up with some pretty good things.

Now that I come to think of it, I give alot of things away that I stitch. I have become somewhat particular about who I give things to because I have learned along the way that some people really do not appreciate the time and effort that goes into making things sometimes. There are certain people that I have said I will never stitch for again because the response I got was, well...…

Time To Meet the Boys In the Band

Since I am trying to firmly place myself here in the blogging world I thought I should introduce you to the men in my life. Those handsome little men above are our boys, M, who is 9, and Z, who is 4. They have grown up so fast and I am a really lucky and proud mom.

Next is my husband, MJ. We've been married for 11 years. This picture was taken last year when we took a cruise to Alaska to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It was a great time!

My friend, Sheri, and I went to our local needlework shop (LNS) this morning and did a little shopping. Let's just say I did my best to help pick up our sagging economy! It's always nice to go there as the owner is really helpful and ready to get you anything that she may not carry in the shop. If you are lucky enough to havean LNS near you (although I really would not say mine is "local" as it's a 40 minute drive to get there ) I highly encourage you to give them your business.

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to My Stitchalong! As you may guess from the title, I am a stitcher. Cross stitching mostly, but I also do a little quilting and some crocheting. I was encouraged to start this blog by my cousin's wife (a big shout out to Sarah!!) so here I am. I'm a stay at home wife and mom to one husband and two active boys. Running after two boys during the day and taking them both here and there leaves me wanting something for myself, so my stitching comes in quite handy. I've turned my stitching into lots of things: pillows, wall hangings, quilts. This is my journey through my life as a wife, mom, and stitcher.

This is a project that I finished over the summer. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to make it into: a wall hanging for my master bedroom. It's one of my favorite finishes that I've done.