Look What I Made!!

A creative mind is a wonderful thing! MJ's brother and his wife are expecting a baby in the just a few weeks. I made blankets of various sorts for their other two kids, so I felt that I could not leave this little one out in the cold. This is the quilt I made for him. I didn't want something that was totally baby, but rather something that he would be able to grow up with a bit. There is nothing better than being able to combine two of my hobbies: cross stitching and quilting! I'm not the best quilter in the world, but I can do some basic stuff and come up with some pretty good things.

Now that I come to think of it, I give alot of things away that I stitch. I have become somewhat particular about who I give things to because I have learned along the way that some people really do not appreciate the time and effort that goes into making things sometimes. There are certain people that I have said I will never stitch for again because the response I got was, well...let's just say it was somehwat less than enthusiastic. I guess we've all gotten that from t time to time. It's really a let down when you are so excited about giving something to someone that you worked long and hard to make, only to have them say, "Oh, I guess it's...cute?"


Sarah said…
I feel your pain! There is nothing worse than spending hours on something, getting a lukewarm reception and the wishing you just bought something. Live and learn I guess.

I love that quilt...great combo of 2 hobbies!

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