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Not Much Stitching Going On

I seem to have entered a stitching slump.  Frequent migraines, several home improvement projects, my son's looming high school graduation, and family issues seems to have gotten in my way, and nothing seems to be tempting me to get my needles moving.
What is a stitcher to do?  This stitcher looked to a book that I bought at Christmas time, hoping to get myself moving.  I LOVE Star Wars.  While I was walking thought Barnes and Nobles one night I saw this kit on the shelf.

Wow!!  How cool is that?  I did Darth Vader and  Bobba Fett for my sons for their birthdays, and I've had R2D2 kitted up since the beginning of the year.  Could this be what I need to get me out of my slump?

While I have stitched on it, I can't say that it's gotten me moving.  I am, however, trying to stitch.  Maybe clear progress on a project will help motivate me and my stitching needles.  I have to say that I'm seriously thinking about ordering fabric for BB-8!