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A Very Busy Week

I'm not even sure where to start with what this week was like.  I suppose I should start at the beginning with my husband having surgery to remove an obstruction in the kidney area this past Monday.  He did well, but I was really not pleased with the care he received in the hospital.  A surgical PA who came in to evaluate him on Tuesday was trying to release him without consulting the physician of record, and the hospital would have let him go if I hadn't called the doctor and demanded to know what the hell was going on!  He hadn't even started on clear liquids yet and this guy was trying to release him?  Ugh!  They sent him home the next day, again, against my better judgment, but it was what it was.  He's home and on the road to healing, which is what is important.
Friday brought move in day for M, my college freshman.  He didn't want me to take any pictures, but this was a huge step for him.  He's not far away, and while living in the dorm is a big adjustme…

Teaching An Old Stitcher New Tricks

Today is August 11, 2017.  Do you know what day it is?  It's World Cross Stitch Day!!  Does anyone plan on celebrating today?  I know I certainly do!  What is everyone working on to celebrate our hobby?
For those of you who don't know it, I'm a huge Star Wars fan.  I came to love the franchise in my late teens because I wasn't allowed to see the films when they first came out.  I'm not sure why that was, but the first film I saw in the movie theater was The Return of the Jedi.  Since I hadn't seen the first two movies, parts of the plot were pretty much lost on me, but I have since made up for that.  I'm not a big Etsy person, but every now and then I peruse it to see what they have.  I found Star Wars sugar skulls!!  Wow!!  I bought them, then wondered what I was going to do with them.  All I kept thinking was I needed to put one on a tee shirt.  You know what that requires?  Waste canvas.
First of all, it's hard to find.  The big chain craft stores d…

A Finish and a New (Re)Start

My husband, my son, Z, and I were in Chicago for five days last week.  M chose to stay home and have some extra time with his grandparents.  I think Tiger the Wonder Kitty missed me while we were gone.

While we were gone, and after we got back, I kept working on Vinny the Vampire and his moon, and I'm so glad that I pulled this project back out to see the light of day!  He's finished!!  My plan is to turn him into a pillow and he can be a pair with Frankie the Thinker, also by Glendon Place.

A new finish means a new start, right?  How about a new restart?  I started Hot Chocolate by Alessandra Adelaide Needlwork a long time ago, and I got pretty far on it.  Unfortunately, I had my fabric turned the wrong way and only realized that the design wouldn't fit the way I was stitching on it until it was too late.  There was too much stitching to pull out, and I reluctantly tossed the fabric.  I had actually forgotten about it until I started going through my basket of kitted up…