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Smokin' Needles

I think that the fall weather agrees with me. The cool, crisp air. The fall breezes through the open windows. The start of FOOTBALL season!! It's pretty apparent that I love baseball, although I have to say that my beloved Yankees have been giving me fits for the last few days, but I digress. Back to the start of football season. Sunday was my day to sit on the couch, watch football, and stitch! It reminded me of the Sunday afternoons before MJ and I had kids! LOL!!

I have been busy and I can say that this feeling of accomplishment that I have right now is so very satisfying! My needles have been smoking, be it my embroidery needle, or the needle on my sewing machine. So, if you ready to join me on this latest leg of my stitching journey, follow me through this picture heavy post!

In the last week my sewing machine and I have become very close, although it has had its moments where I'm not really sure that it likes me very much. I managed to make two fall pillows, just in time f…

See You In September!

The weather here on Long Island is beautiful today!! Much better than yesterday, when all of the weathermen were doing their best to frighten us about the approaching Hurricane Earl. MJ and I spent part of Thursday night going around the yard picking up things that could become projectiles if the wind took them and putting them away, and making sure that things that could not be moved were close to the house so that we would not have to worry about them. You know what happened? NOTHING!! We got some rain, but that was about it! The eastern end of the island got a little bit more of the storm that we did, but no one got anything like what they were predicting. So, now that Earl is behind us, or rather, to the northwest of us, it's time to focus on the other things in life that are important like...

BASEBALL!! MJ and I went to Yankee Stadium a few weeks ago with some friends, and it was a great day!! The Yankees won, which always makes it a good day. The new stadium has a Y…