Smokin' Needles

I think that the fall weather agrees with me. The cool, crisp air. The fall breezes through the open windows. The start of FOOTBALL season!! It's pretty apparent that I love baseball, although I have to say that my beloved Yankees have been giving me fits for the last few days, but I digress. Back to the start of football season. Sunday was my day to sit on the couch, watch football, and stitch! It reminded me of the Sunday afternoons before MJ and I had kids! LOL!!

I have been busy and I can say that this feeling of accomplishment that I have right now is so very satisfying! My needles have been smoking, be it my embroidery needle, or the needle on my sewing machine. So, if you ready to join me on this latest leg of my stitching journey, follow me through this picture heavy post!

In the last week my sewing machine and I have become very close, although it has had its moments where I'm not really sure that it likes me very much. I managed to make two fall pillows, just in time for the season:

Alphabet Pumpkin,

and Oak Leaf and Pumpkin

Those little dots on the Oak Leaf and Pumpkin pillow are little oak leaf buttons that I had from another project. The pictures are clickable if you want to see it up close.

All you need is LOVE, right? Say hello to my newest wall hanging to grace the walls of the master bedroom!

It's not my best finish, by any means. I actually tried to take it apart at one point because I was not happy with how it was turning out, but the linen was starting to unravel, so I finished putting it together and just decided that I would learn to live with it and do better next time.

It's over the armoir which has my wedding pandas (my mom made those for me), my bride and groom Mickey and Minnie, and our little family wall plaque.

It's September!! Anyone know what that means?? It's time to start stitching Christmas ornaments!! Last year I made 19, and gave ALOT of them away. I don't think I will make that many this year, but I have a good start:

They stitched on plain ol' white evenweave with with Razzelberry floss by GAST. Easy to stitch with and so nice to look at.

HAED progress is still rolling along:

Look at that little guy!! He actually almost has a whole face! Does anyone else get excited when they see the picture that you are stitching come alive on the fabric? I LOVE that!! I think that is why I spent so much time this weekend stitching on it (when I was not watching football!). With every stitch I saw more and more of my favorite little creature and it made me want to keep go on and on! I say that now, while I'm working on the bear. When I get to the part of the design where it's large blocks of 19 different shades of blue and nothing but sky, maybe I'll feel differently!

It's that time of day here. The kids are starting ask, "When are you going to start making dinner?" Guess I have to go and feed the hungry masses! Goodness, you would think that these kids haven't eaten in days. I guess they are growing boys, always willing to eat me out of house and home! Off to the kitchen! Leave a comment for me! I love to read them!


Karen said…
You have been busy!!! Great all of the pumpkins.
you have been busy and everything looks great.
Be always in stitches.
Elaine said…
Your needles sure have been smokin'
Congrats on your beautiful finishes!
grandma1 said…
You're a stitching machine!! Great crafts, so fill up the house with as many as you can.
Pam??? I hope you and your family are doing well and have had a nice Christmas and New Years. I sure miss ya on here.
Be always in stitches.

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