Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to My Stitchalong! As you may guess from the title, I am a stitcher. Cross stitching mostly, but I also do a little quilting and some crocheting. I was encouraged to start this blog by my cousin's wife (a big shout out to Sarah!!) so here I am. I'm a stay at home wife and mom to one husband and two active boys. Running after two boys during the day and taking them both here and there leaves me wanting something for myself, so my stitching comes in quite handy. I've turned my stitching into lots of things: pillows, wall hangings, quilts. This is my journey through my life as a wife, mom, and stitcher.

This is a project that I finished over the summer. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to make it into: a wall hanging for my master bedroom. It's one of my favorite finishes that I've done.


Debbie said…
Welcome to the blogging world. Love the pandas!!!
rusluvsme said…
Great start to your blog, and those pandas are beautiful!
kimstitch3 said…
congrats on your new blog. You seem to be doing a great job so far. I have a blog, I have only had it a few months. I'm learning new stuff everyday it seems. take care,Kimberly

kimstitch3 on the 123 board
Mistylynn58 said…
Nice start. Love the pandas.
Suzanne said…
Hi Pam, congrats on the new blog. I started one this month too...it's about cross stitch, books I am reading, and my dogs. Come check it out if you get a chance! Suzanne (suzanne815 on the 123 board)
Petra said…
Congrats on the start of your blog, it's looking great! It can be addicting though all this blog reading and surfing...oh and the enabling...wow! Love the pandas!
Rachel S said…
Welcome to the Blogosphere. It's fun! Love the wallhanging.
I love your pandas! And congrats on strating your blog. I look forward to reading more.
CraftyT said…
Welcome to BLOGLAND..... Look forward to reading your blogs
Cathryn said…
I saw your post in SanManville. I came to have a looksee. Great start! I Love your Stitched banner!!! Good Luck. I'm sure you'll love blogging!

Sarah said…
It looks great! I look forward to reading your blog!
Sandra said…
Welcome to blogger! You will enjoy your time here!

Nice finishing!

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