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A Special Anniversary Trip To Kick Off The Holiday Season

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and was able to spend the day with people you love.  Our family got to meet our new nephew, which was definitely something to be thankful for.
This year my husband, MJ, and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  To celebrate we planned a trip to Hawaii!  While I hated the thought of all that flying time (11 hours total from the East coast of the United States), I was very excited about going.
We were happy and relaxed for two glorious weeks.

This was the sunset from our table at dinner the last night we were there.  It was a trip I will never forget.  Seeing the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the many historic and beautiful beaches and seashores around O'ahu, and the lush, green canyons of Kua'i was something I will never forget. 

While we were away we had some days where we had absolutely nothing planned.  Now tell me, when does a mother ever get to do absolutely nothing?  Never. MJ and I took full ad…