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The Dog Days of August...

At the moment they are really not all that bad. A few posts ago I was complaining about the oppressive heat and that my poor fingernails were sweating. Right now, it's cool and rainy. Hopefully at some point today I will get some stitching done.

As I type there are workers in the basement putting that area of the house back together from when the cesspool backed up. Finally!! The longer I had to look at the carpeting all torn up the more upset I was getting about it, however it seems that I will be able to close that chapter of our exciting summer adventures and move on to the next thing that will inevitably come along. After all, something always does, doesn't it?

The last two weeks my kitchen has been turned into a culinary school. M wants to learn how to cook, so it's been Cooking 101 in my house. So far we've made roasted chicken with noodles, gravy, and steamed broccoli, tacos, pot roast, and chicken and rice. He's been a good student so far. I keep te…

I'm Not Perfect

There! I said it. I am not afraid to admit it. I'll even shout it from the rafters so that everyone in blog land can here me: I'M NOT PERFECT!! They say that when the Amish make quilts they intentionally put a mistake somewhere in it to remind themselves that only God is perfect. Well, let me tell you something: I don't have to add them intentionally. They just seems to happen to me! I think they lay in wait for me and then jump into my stitching while I'm not looking. After I spent all that time ripping stitches out of the LOVE piece I re-stitched the section that had a mistake, only to discover that I made the SAME MISTAKE in almost the exact same place!! That's right! I'm off by one thread AGAIN!! This time, however, I had already stitched alot of the design around the letter L. So, it's staying like that, mistakes and all! The L section finally got finished and I can move onto the E.

It's pretty, isn't it? I've been reading a…

What I Get For Being Proud Of My Work

So, Wednesday night was my weekly stitch night with my friend, Christine. I stitched for two hours and got the whole L done on the Love piece that I'm working on. Ver proud of my accimplishments, I ate the yummy dessert that she made, packed myself up, and went home.

Fast forward to Thursday night. The kids are upstairs and quiet (which can be rare). There is a good James Bond movie on television. MJ went to go see how his mom was doing since he had not seen her since we found out that Aunt Janet passed away. I had the house all to myself and lots of stitching time ahead of me, right? WRONG!! Apparently, while I was so confidently stitching away at Christine's house on Wednesday night I made a mistake and was off my one thread. So, everything that I spent two hours stitching on Wednesday has to be ripped out on Thursday. Ugh!!

I thought stitching was supposed to be fun??!!!
Now that summer vacation is half way over it's time to start to think about the new school year - at least I think it is. My kids? Well, they would prefer not to have to think about it at all. For some kids a new school year mean a whole new look. For M, this new school year not only means a whole new school but a new set of eyes:

M is now sporting glasses! Please excuse that mop top hair do. He is in need of a hair cut in a bad way. Personally, I think they make him look quite scholarly, and little grown up, too. At least now when he heads off the middle school he will be confident that he will be able to see the boards clearly.

A few weeks ago I made an effort to clean out my stitching bags. Seems like whenever I wasn't sure what to do with something I wound up in one of my bags. They were a mess. It took me the better part of an hour to go through my two bags. What I finally wound up doing was putting the projects that I had already started in one bag, and the t…