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The Evolution Of A Stitcher

I started stitching when I was a 19 college student on my summer break.  I fell in love with it instantly, and I've been stitching ever since.  Recently, I was looking for something in my craft closet and I found this:

It was one of the first kits I ever ordered.  It got stuffed in the UFO pile because there were multiple counting errors, but when I found it I thought I would add it to my work in progress pile.
The first thing I needed was more floss. 

Did I really store my floss like that?  All rolled up and just thrown in the bag?  In my years since I started stitching I found a better way.

The next thing I needed was new fabric.

Since I don't really stitch on aida anymore I choose this yummy 28 count evenweave that I dyed myself.
And I now have a brand new kit to work on!

I love stitching!!

I'm Falling Down A Rabbit Hole

In my last blog post I wrote about buying some new patterns from Etsy, and someone asked which seller I used.  The seller is AwesomePatternStudio, and these are my new patterns:
Z has a love of elephants, so for him I'll do a mandala elephant.

M loves all things with cats, so I bought a ploygon cat for him.

For me I'm sure it's no surprise I found a panda! 

And, of course, now that I'm looking I found so many more panda pattern.  What did Yoda say?  "Control!  You must learn control!" I guess it's a good time to practice my Jedi life skills, because I have more patterns than I could reasonably ever hope to get to!
Work on Welcome to Hogwarts has been steady.  I finished the second page, so we've officially passed the halfway point.  I have to remember that I made a counting error on page 2 (you would think I could count to 4 after all these years of stitching, right?  Not so!), so I have to make sure everything lines up when I finish page 3 and move …