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Favorite Finishes of 2008

Happy New Year. As usual, I am looking forward to the new year. We have alot of exciting things coming. The kids will all be another year older (so will I, but we don't have to talk about that, do we?) and Z will be old enough to start kindergarten in the fall. He wants to go on the school bus like his brother. There is a wedding in the family coming that we are all going to be involved in. As I was thinking about what I was looking forward to, I started thinking about the projects that I had finished in 2008. Here are my favorite finishes of the year:

These two are special to me because I stitched them on hand dyed fabric that I dyed. I started a small business earlier this year, Summer Breeze Hand Dyed Fabrics earlier this year. Business has been slow, but my LNS is carrying my fabrics on consignment, so I was really excited about it. This first piece is called "Chocolate Shoppe" and is by Little House Needleworks. I LOVE chocolate so when I saw this pattern…

I Really Do Stitch

I finally got to take pictures of the two projects that I've been working on. This Santa is a Sue Hillis design called "Yo Ho Ho Ho". I love his candy cane hook and peppermint peg leg. I was hoping to have him finished by Christmas, and I was doing really well on him, but life, or rather Christmas, got in the way I suppose. There really is not alot left to do on him. Santa is supposed to be carrying a tree on his back, so I have to finish that, and do the back stitching and then he will be done. At least I will have a head start on my Christmas stitching for next year.

I love this project and I've made a decision to work on it more in 2009 than I did in 2008. MJ bought me a personalized sampler from Nouveou Encore Designs for my birthday (which was in January) and I started it in the spring. To be fair, I didn't really do alot of work on it at first because I was working on "Noah's Sub" for my God-daughter, which took me 16 months to complet…

Someone Sent Me A Frog

I sat down last night to work on my personalized sampler. The kids were up in their rooms and MJ was working on loading programs onto the new computer so I had some quite time all to myself. I was happy that I was almost done with the page I was on because it was the last page on the top row of the sampler. All of a sudden I notice that I off by one thread and that the border was not lining up. I spend almost an hour picking out what I had so carefully (or so I thought) stitched. Luckily, I was able to pinpoint where my mistake was and I was able to fix what I had done wrong.

Now that I have the new computer I will be able to take pictures of my WIPs so that people can see that I really do get some stitching done. It was hard to sit down and stitch in the days right before and during Christmas, but now that the holiday is over I can get some done. It feels good to have a needle in my hand, except when I have to frog out hours of work because of one thread. Argh!

I hope that eve…

Merry Christmas

It's two days before Christmas and my kids are just busting! They are so excited about the holiday and the family coming to visit tomorrow and, of course, the presents. I remember what it was like when I was their age. Waiting for Santa to come and peeking into the living room on Christmas morning to see if he had come to bring us presents. It was magical.

I hope that everyone has a happy and Merry Christmas. I have company coming tomorrow and then we're heading to my uncle's for Christmas day and I'm looking forward to all of it!

Merry Christmas!
Is everyone ready for Christmas? I have one more present to buy and then I'm done. Today both of the boys have parties at school. Z's party is having s cookie exchange so I had to bring a dozen cookies in to school when I dropped him off. For M's party, called a "Multi-Cultural Feast", the teachers were looking for volunteers to make make things that you make at the holidays so that the whole class can have a taste. What does M want? Home made ice cream! I'm a sucker for that face when he looks as me with those eyes and says, "Please, mom!! Please???" How could I say no? So, M's fourth grade class will have a dessert of chocolate chip ice cream during their feast.

The people who I sent ornaments to got them and they were thrilled with them. That really made me happy to know that they went to homes that appreciate them. Last night I was at the monthly Sit and Stitch that is held that my LNS. It was a small group, but we had alot of fu…

Christmas Decorations

We finally got our computer back from the tech who was fixing it and I was able to move pictures that were on my camera to the computer. I am so happy that we have everything back and working again. I feel like I've rejoined the 21st century!

Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree. Z and M love to help their dad with this job.

After all of the branches were put on, along with the light, garland, and ornaments this was our end result:

M and Z were showing each other some brotherly love while putting up the tree and, of course, I just had to capture the moment:

This year I really got into making ornaments. I subscribe to a British magazine called "Cross Stitch Gold" and in the last issue that I received there were these little ornament designs that I thought were great. The magazine had them all done in red, but I wanted to use other colors. These were the first set that I made:

I made a second set of them in the same colors to send out at gifts for people and I got …

I Should Know By Now

I'm working on some ornaments that I want to send to people. I've already made some to hang on my tree and now I'm working on a second set to give away. The other day Z asked me to help him snap his jeans, so being the good mom that I am, I go over to help him and then go back to my stitching. Suddenly, I noticed a chocolate smudge on the ornament that I'm working on. There was chocolate all over my thumb. Where had that come from? I hadn't been eating anything at the time. Then I remembered! Z had been eating chocolate chip cookies. He must have dropped a chip on his clothes and not realized it. Now it was all over my thumb and my fabric. I washed the fabric as best as I could, but I can still see the mark of chocolate. So, I think that I will be giving away the one that is already done and hanging on my tree, and keeping the one with the smudge for myself.

This is not the first time that my little Z has has a run in with my stitching. A little more…

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

Ugh! Our computer died - AGAIN!! So MJ took it back to the computer tech again to have him look at it. We think that he got the diagnosis right this time, and he's only charging us for the parts, but it will be Wednesday or Thursday before we can get it back. Luckily, my in-laws gave us their computer (which used to be our before we got a new one and gave them our old one) so that at least we could get online to check e-mails and do our banking. When technology works, it's really great, but when it fails, oh, boy, what a pain!

Our house is beginning to look alot like Christmas. M and Z helped their dad put up our tree on Saturday afternoon. When MJ and I were first married we would always get a real tree, but after a few years MJ convinced me that an artificial tree would be easier, and neater. I have to admit that he is right, but I really miss the smell of a real one. So clean and Christmassy. Our boys, however, really love to help their dad put the tree together. When I was…

My New Finishes

Now I know that I said yesterday that there was nothing more satisfying that putting that last stitch into a project and looking at a completely finished piece. But, I have to admit that my little heart goes aflutter when I get the call from the framing center that tell me that my custom framing order is ready for pick up whenever I want to come in. I never wait too long. I need to see if what I picked will really look as good as I had hoped it would. I've never really been disappointed with a frame that I've chosen, though.

This is called "The Anniversary" and is by designer My Big Toe. It was done with overdyed floss, which I really don't like to work with alot because it's not color fast and I'm paranoid that it will get wet somehow and the colors will run all over the place. I am, however, getting used to working with it and I think that I"ll be using it more in the future. The dark color is Pansy Purple by Crescent Colors and the lighter c…

Don't You Just Love When You Finish Something?

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Our was very good. We had dinner at my in-laws house, which is a whole two minute drive from my house. So not only did I not have to cook, but I didn't have to fight traffic, either! Christmas will be a different story when we head to Delaware to be with my side of the family. It's a good thing that my kids are good in the car.

Last weekend I had the good fortune to finish not one, but two projects. When I know that I'm near the end and I can see that bright light at the end of the tunnel all I want to do is stitch until it's done. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than putting in that last stitch, holding the piece up and shouting, "It's done!" What did I finish? I finished "The Anniversary" by My Big Toe and piece by Alessandra Adelaide Needlework's called "Panda" (is anyone surprised by that one?) It will make a wonderful addition to the panda wall. Both of them have been…

Technology Is...

Well, this is the first day that I've able to get online in almost a week. Last week I turned on the computer and all of the sudden the screen went black. I turned it off, re-started it, and I got the same thing. MJ came home from work and looked at it, but could not get it to work either. So, we had to take it to a computer tech person to have him try to fix it. The good news is that he got he computer up and running again as good as it was when we first bought it two years ago. The bad news...I lost EVERYTHING!! All of the pictures that I had - GONE! All of the the things that I designed on PC Stitch - GONE! All of the tax information that MJ had - GONE! I just wanted to cry. The stuff on PC Stitch, well I could live with losing that. I was not happy, but I could live with it. The pictures, however, are a different story. I called some relatives to see if they could send to me pictures that I e-mailed to them so that I can have them again. The family has been very…

For My Boys

When I finished sewing my Tinsel door hanging, Z asked me to sew him something. "What would you like?" I asked him and his response was, "Winnie the Pooh!" I has stitched these two small Pooh piecesfor him two years ago ( I remember watching hockey from the Turin Olympic while I was working on them, so that's how long ago I started them) and never made anything with them. By the time I remembered about them he had grown out of the Pooh faze, or so I had thought. Pooh was what he wanted. So my little guy and I headed to the fabric store and picked out this great Pooh fabric and I started sewing (did I mention that I love my new sewing table?) This was the end result:

Of course, once M saw that Z had a new wall hanging, the first thing that he said, "What can you make me?" I had this Buzz and Woody piece that I had stitched a while ago for him. It was supposed to be the center of a "Toy Story" quilt, but I could not find Buzz and Woody…

Christmas Shopping

I was going through my calendar the other day and was absolutely astounded to realize that Thanksgiving is in two weeks. WHAT?? Where did the time go? I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. Not only did I not start the shopping, but I hadn't even made the list of people that I have to buy for. I am way behind. By now I'm usually at least half way done with buying for people and I'm looking for good places to hide things from the kids. The only present I had was the trivet that I made for MJ's mom that I finished months ago. It's time to swing into action!

Finally, yesterday, I started my shopping. I didn't get a whole lot done for the adults on my list, but I did get a bunch of the things that the kids wanted. I actually like to shop for the kids. They are the easiest to buy for by far. A game, a few books, some surprises and the kids are always happy. There are so many other people that I just don't know what to buy. Most of them ar…

Kids In My Kitchen

My kids love to help me cook, especially sweet things. It was a cool and rainy day on Saturday, so what do we make? Ice cream!!! Home made ice cream is the best. The little people wanted chocolate chip, so I froze the canister to my ice cream maker, bought the ingredients needed, and we spent part of our Saturday morning making ice cream (this was going in while MJ was upstairs putting together the sewing table).

M's favorite part of cooking anything is breaking the eggs. Whenever he comes to help me the first question he asks is, "Are there any eggs? Can I break them?" Look at that egg breaking technique! Not too bad for a 9 year old!

After the eggs were cracked into the bowl they needed to be "lightly beaten." M is teaching Z everything he knows about whisking:

M is really interested in cooking until you get to the part where you stir constantly until the custard is thickened. Z finally got some stirring time in at the stove:

The finished ice cream was really go…

The Sewing Table Is Here!!

I got a call from the furniture store the other day that the sewing table that MJ bought for me was in. We picked it up and MJ put it together for me yesterday afternoon (with only minor injuries, I might add!) This is what it looks like when it's closed:

It looks like a nice table. The color of the finish actually matches our bedroom furniture pretty well, too, so I was happy that it doesn't look totally out of place in there. This is the table when all the cabinets are opened for sewing:

So I just had to open it up and use it this afternoon. MJ was mowing the lawn and M and Z were playing and quiet so I took my sewing things up to my room and finished this: I can't wait for Christmas decorating time so I can hang it on one of the doors!

I'm An Auntie!!!

MJ's brother called us this morning to let us know that his wife had their baby. A beautiful little boy! We knew she was having a boy, but it's still really exciting to hear that this little one made his way safely into the world. Z is excited because he and his new cousin will be sharing the same middle name. M is not too thrilled because now is another baby to mess with his toys. We'll have to do our best to see that doesn't happen. MJ's parents are thrilled to be grandparents for the fifth time (four boys, one girl). They are looking forward to being able to meet their new grandson. Hopefully for them, that will happen soon.

It's good things that are happening right now in the family. The new baby being born and the wedding next year for MJ's younger brother. It's nice when there are good things to look forward to.

Too Early For Christmas Stitching?

I usually don't do alot of stitching for Christmas. A few years ago, during my first Christmas as a stay at home mom, I thought that making some gifts for people would be a great way to give nice gifts to people and still come in on my Christmas budget. I found, however, that the gifts were really not appreciated the way that I had hoped they would be. So now I just usually make one or two small things that I usually keep for myself. I just finished these two .

This tree is by JBW Designs and there was something about it that I just really liked.

This is by Lizzie Kate. I think it's so funny!

When I get my new sewing table I plan on making both of them into door hangers for two of the many doors here in this house. I already have the perfect fabric for the LK design. I have to see what I can find for the tree design.

Warning: I am about to get on my soapbox.

Today is election day. We are lucky enough to live in a country to wants our opinion as to who we think should be leading our…

Miracles Do Happen

I don't know about the rest of you, but after being married for 11 + years I tend to think that there are times when I talk and no one is really listening. My mother used to say, "I feel like I"m talking to a brick wall!" I now know how she felt. But, I have to say that miracles do happen and I found that MJ really DOES listen to me.

We were recently at a family funeral and I was talking to my cousin. He and his wife had recently moved into a new house and I had seem a picture of his wife's sewing machine all set up. I was asking my cousin if they had a spare bedroom that she had turned into her quilting room and he told me that she her machine set up on a table in their bedroom. I told my cousin that I wish I was able to have my sewing machine set up because right now I sew on my dining room table, which is plenty big enough, but my dining room table has become the catch all place for things that I'm not sure what to do with. "Just put in on the dining …

Works in Progress

Sometimes I find it amazing that I get time to stitch during the day. Sometimes at night after I get the kids to bed I'm just too tired to pick up my needle. Then there are days when the time to stitch just drops into my lap. Yesterday was a good example. Z wanted to play on the computer. I don't like to leave him alone when he's on the computer, but at the same time he knows how to play a few games well enough that he does not need me hovering over him. My solution? He plays on the computer and I sit on the couch next to him and stitch. He feels like he's a "big boy" because he gets to play and I get to keep an eye on him and do my stitching at the same time. It's a mother's dream!

This is what I was working on while little man played. It's called "The Anniversary" and it's by My Big Toe. MJ's brother is getting married next year and I thought it would make a lovely wedding sampler. I've become good friends with my future SIL…

Look What I Made!!

A creative mind is a wonderful thing! MJ's brother and his wife are expecting a baby in the just a few weeks. I made blankets of various sorts for their other two kids, so I felt that I could not leave this little one out in the cold. This is the quilt I made for him. I didn't want something that was totally baby, but rather something that he would be able to grow up with a bit. There is nothing better than being able to combine two of my hobbies: cross stitching and quilting! I'm not the best quilter in the world, but I can do some basic stuff and come up with some pretty good things.

Now that I come to think of it, I give alot of things away that I stitch. I have become somewhat particular about who I give things to because I have learned along the way that some people really do not appreciate the time and effort that goes into making things sometimes. There are certain people that I have said I will never stitch for again because the response I got was, well...…

Time To Meet the Boys In the Band

Since I am trying to firmly place myself here in the blogging world I thought I should introduce you to the men in my life. Those handsome little men above are our boys, M, who is 9, and Z, who is 4. They have grown up so fast and I am a really lucky and proud mom.

Next is my husband, MJ. We've been married for 11 years. This picture was taken last year when we took a cruise to Alaska to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It was a great time!

My friend, Sheri, and I went to our local needlework shop (LNS) this morning and did a little shopping. Let's just say I did my best to help pick up our sagging economy! It's always nice to go there as the owner is really helpful and ready to get you anything that she may not carry in the shop. If you are lucky enough to havean LNS near you (although I really would not say mine is "local" as it's a 40 minute drive to get there ) I highly encourage you to give them your business.

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to My Stitchalong! As you may guess from the title, I am a stitcher. Cross stitching mostly, but I also do a little quilting and some crocheting. I was encouraged to start this blog by my cousin's wife (a big shout out to Sarah!!) so here I am. I'm a stay at home wife and mom to one husband and two active boys. Running after two boys during the day and taking them both here and there leaves me wanting something for myself, so my stitching comes in quite handy. I've turned my stitching into lots of things: pillows, wall hangings, quilts. This is my journey through my life as a wife, mom, and stitcher.

This is a project that I finished over the summer. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to make it into: a wall hanging for my master bedroom. It's one of my favorite finishes that I've done.