It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

Ugh! Our computer died - AGAIN!! So MJ took it back to the computer tech again to have him look at it. We think that he got the diagnosis right this time, and he's only charging us for the parts, but it will be Wednesday or Thursday before we can get it back. Luckily, my in-laws gave us their computer (which used to be our before we got a new one and gave them our old one) so that at least we could get online to check e-mails and do our banking. When technology works, it's really great, but when it fails, oh, boy, what a pain!

Our house is beginning to look alot like Christmas. M and Z helped their dad put up our tree on Saturday afternoon. When MJ and I were first married we would always get a real tree, but after a few years MJ convinced me that an artificial tree would be easier, and neater. I have to admit that he is right, but I really miss the smell of a real one. So clean and Christmassy. Our boys, however, really love to help their dad put the tree together. When I was a child we had an artificial tree, too, and I have some really great memories of helping my dad put the tree up with my sisters. Well, now my kids will have the same type of memories that I'm hoping they can tell their kids about.

I have also been getting alot of stitching done. I have a tiny fiber optic tree that sits in the corner of our den and last year I decided to make that tree the place where all of my stitched ornaments will call home. I haven't made any new ornaments in a few years. I was always busy making other things and I never really found a design that I felt that I wanted to make. A few weeks ago I got a new issue of "Cross Stitch Gold", which is a British cross stitch magazine, and there were a few designs for ornaments that I just loved. They were monochrome, small, and simple designs that could be stitched up quickly. It only took me a week to stitch up three of them and I spent yesterday afternoon sewing them together. I thought it was great to add something new to my ornament tree.

I have pictures of the tree trimming and the new stitched things, but I can't get them onto my blog until I get our computer back. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to show off my work.


Suzanne said…
Looking forward to seeing them!


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