Christmas Decorations

We finally got our computer back from the tech who was fixing it and I was able to move pictures that were on my camera to the computer. I am so happy that we have everything back and working again. I feel like I've rejoined the 21st century!

Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree. Z and M love to help their dad with this job.

After all of the branches were put on, along with the light, garland, and ornaments this was our end result:

M and Z were showing each other some brotherly love while putting up the tree and, of course, I just had to capture the moment:

This year I really got into making ornaments. I subscribe to a British magazine called "Cross Stitch Gold" and in the last issue that I received there were these little ornament designs that I thought were great. The magazine had them all done in red, but I wanted to use other colors. These were the first set that I made:

I made a second set of them in the same colors to send out at gifts for people and I got the ones that needed to be mailed sent out yesterday. I was glad that I was able to finish them and get them out so that they will get to their destinations before Christmas.

This is my ornament tree. It's small, which is good because at the moment I don't have alot of ornaments to hang on it. It's just for my handmade ones. I think that my goal in the future will be to make one or two new ones each year. If I stick to that I think eventually I may have to get a bigger tree, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I love when the house is all decorated and it looks like Christmas. The kids are excited and it just feels like a special time.


Sarah said…
I am glad you got your pics up...your tree looks great! I decorated the house one weekend and did the tree the next. After the tree was up, it felt like Christmas.
Your ornaments are really cute!! They came out wonderful! I have some patterns for applique ornamants...maybe next year. :)

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