I Really Do Stitch

I finally got to take pictures of the two projects that I've been working on. This Santa is a Sue Hillis design called "Yo Ho Ho Ho". I love his candy cane hook and peppermint peg leg. I was hoping to have him finished by Christmas, and I was doing really well on him, but life, or rather Christmas, got in the way I suppose. There really is not alot left to do on him. Santa is supposed to be carrying a tree on his back, so I have to finish that, and do the back stitching and then he will be done. At least I will have a head start on my Christmas stitching for next year.

I love this project and I've made a decision to work on it more in 2009 than I did in 2008. MJ bought me a personalized sampler from Nouveou Encore Designs for my birthday (which was in January) and I started it in the spring. To be fair, I didn't really do alot of work on it at first because I was working on "Noah's Sub" for my God-daughter, which took me 16 months to complete, so by the time I finished that I was really looking to work on small things. My sampler is 20 pages long, which is why this project took a back seat. After finishing Noah, this seemed daunting. But, it's been my project of choice lately and I'm really making some progress in it. Once I finish the border on the one side I will be done with the first row.

If you want to see what the sampler will look like you can go to http://www.nouveauencore.com. Look under Personalized Samplers Page 2 and you will find my complete design under Pam C.


Suzanne said…
Oh Pam! That's going to be gorgeous! I have played with the idea of getting one, but haven't taken the plunge. I have some other BAPs going right now too.

Sarah said…
Hey there! I looked at your sampler...that looks like so much work! How long do you guess it will take?? It will be gorgeous when it is done!

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