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From A UFO To A F...

as in FINISHED!! Puppy Love, the Disney kit that sat for so long that Mickey and Minnie thought I had forgotten about them, is done! I put the last of the backstitching in last night and I am very happy to be able to say that I finished it!

Now I just can't wait to get them framed and hung on the wall.

It must be the week for finishes becuase I finished the French Country Heart as well:

I'm still not quite sure what I am going to do with it. My stitching friend said that she would help me frame it, but I can't find a square frame at the craft stores. Heck, I can't find any frame that I think would be a good color for it! I may have to order one from the my LNS, even though I was hoping not to have to go that route.

So, now I guess it's back to the table runner, which is a little more than half finished, and then I think that the HAED will have to make an re-appearance in my life. Sigh. I know I am almost finished with the page that I had been working on, but the part…

It's Never Quiet With Kids Around, Is It?

As a stay at home mom, I have to say that sometimes the weekends just make me crazy. Everyone is home and the house is LOUD!! I enjoy MJ and the kids when we are all home together and we are running here, there, and everywhere, but I have to admit that on some of the crazier and busier weekend, I look forward to Monday. Everyone goes back to work and school and I get to decompress a little before starting my chores and errands for the week. Or, at least, it's supposed to work that way. First, let me start with Z, who is now a big 7 year old!! I think he had way too much birthday fun at his laser tag party because Sunday night he was sick to his stomach. Yuck!! So, on Monday he got to stay home in the warmth of his bed and recuperate. Then, there is M. Monday night was his first little league practice. I made arrangements with my in-laws to come and stay with Z so I didn't have to take him out in the cold, and M and I bundled up and left for practice. I don't how the weathe…