It's Never Quiet With Kids Around, Is It?

As a stay at home mom, I have to say that sometimes the weekends just make me crazy. Everyone is home and the house is LOUD!! I enjoy MJ and the kids when we are all home together and we are running here, there, and everywhere, but I have to admit that on some of the crazier and busier weekend, I look forward to Monday. Everyone goes back to work and school and I get to decompress a little before starting my chores and errands for the week. Or, at least, it's supposed to work that way. First, let me start with Z, who is now a big 7 year old!! I think he had way too much birthday fun at his laser tag party because Sunday night he was sick to his stomach. Yuck!! So, on Monday he got to stay home in the warmth of his bed and recuperate. Then, there is M. Monday night was his first little league practice. I made arrangements with my in-laws to come and stay with Z so I didn't have to take him out in the cold, and M and I bundled up and left for practice. I don't how the weather is where you are, but here it's still quite chilly. We're starting to wonder is spring is ever really going to spring this year. The first thing I noticed when we got there is that none of the other mothers were staying for the practice. They dropped their sons off and left, so I was thinking to myself, "Should I stay?" I didn't want the other boys to think that he was a baby and that his mommy had to stay at the practice with him, but something told me to stay. I had a good book and my Ipod to keep me company while M worked out with his team. I am so glad I made that decision because we weren't even there ten minutes when M got hurt. The kids were tossing the ball around and the boy that M was paired up with threw the ball. Nothing strange; just a regular throw, but for some reason M just didn't react quick enough and he got hit right in the face. The coach ran over to him and then turned toward me and I see my poor son was covered in blood!! I grabbed what few tissues I had in my purse and was able to stop the bleeding, but I could see his nose starting to swell. To M's credit, he wanted to stay and practice. He gave it a good try, but a few minutes later he came over to me and said that it hurt too much and he wanted to go home. We went home, and then I took him to see his doctor that night. They sent me for x-rays, but said that it could wait until morning. Tuesday morning as soon as I got Z on the school bus I took M for x-rays to make sure his nose was not broken. Luckily, it was not and he only has to sit out of baseball and gym for a week. I sent him back to school this morning, although he was trying to weasel another day of staying home out of this. No chance. So, here it is. Wednesday morning and I still have not had a quiet start to my week. I'm hoping for some quiet today. Did I get any stitching done, you ask? Actually, I did! JBW's French Country Love is something that I can take with me, usually when Z has dek hockey practice. Z has taken after his dad and started playing dek hockey this winter. Dek hockey is hockey, but they run instead of skate. The coach likes them to get there about 45 minutes before the games for some practice time, so I take along my heart to work on. If I have to sit there, I might as well accomplish something with my time. In case you don't know it, purple is my favorite color. I chose Crescent Colors Morning Glory on a gray linen.. I'm not quite sure how I am going to finish it. I'm thinking that I will make it so that I can hang it over a door knob, but I have to see what kind of fabric I can find. Maybe I will try to frame it myself. It would be pretty hung up a wall somewhere, don't you think? Mickey and Minnie are moving right along, too, and the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and brighter with each stitch I put into it: Pluto has a body! There is a fishing pole that it lying next to Pluto that I have to stitch, and Minnie is supposed to be holding some flowers in her hand. Then it's just the backstitching, of which there is alot of. I stated this so long ago and I really want to finish it. That has been the crazy beginning to my week. I'm hoping that the rest of the weeks is quieter and less eventful. I may have a boring life sometimes, but at least then I know that all is calm and right in my world.


Oh Pam, it never rains but it pours, and some places it still snows. I hope next week is better for the boys and that you get to have your Monday today. Your heart is coming along very nicely.
Be always in stitches.

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