Happy Dance of Sampler Joy!!

Anyone want to put on their happy dance shoes and join me? I finished my sampler this afternoon:

It's not washed or ironed yet, and it will be awhile until I get it framed because it's so big. I know exactly where I want to put it, too. There is a perfect spot in the dining room where everyone will be able to see it.

Talk about excited!! I am so happy to finally finishe this piece. I remember when I started it, thinking that 20 pages seemed so long. I still does, to be honest, but I guess when you compare it to the 69 page HAED, the 20 page sampler was a cake walk! When you first start something like this I guess you feel like you will never get to the end, or at least that is how I felt about it. But look at me now? One HUGE project done and out of my stitching bag! Now I plan on finished the LHN piece that I have started and then I think I will start some Christmas ornaments. I'm moving right along.

We are down to the last week of summer vacation here. Both if the kids finally got their teacher assignments in the mail. M got his yesterday, but nothing for Z, so I figured that it would come today. No, nothing in the mail addressed to the parents of Z. So, I called the school and they told me that it came back to them marked, "No such address." Umm...could that be because they have him living in the wrong town? So, we walked up to the school, which is not that far away, to pick up his envelope. Tomorrow we are heading out for one more beach day before the end of the summer, which everyone is looking forward to. Then the lazy days of summer will be behind us and it will be back to school bed times, and schedules, and routines. While it's nice to have the summer days where I usually don't have to go anywhere at specific times, I do look forward to getting back into the school routine. As much as I hate to admit it, I like the routine of getting ready for the day and everyone knowing exactly what it expected of them in the morning before they can play and head out to the bus stop. But, then again, we still have a week!

Have a good night!


Sarah said…
It looks great...way to go!!!!

Enjoy your last few days...I still can't believe school starts next week!
doris said…
Hooray! Yahoo! It looks great, and you must be dancing your socks off.
Barb said…
Awesome! It looks great! Congrats on your fine finish...it was a lot of work for sure.
Wowzers, Pam! It is gorgeous - really, really pretty and I love the red! Congratulations on a ginormous finish!
tkdquintmom said…
Happy happy joy joy dancing with you but thank GOD no one else in cyberspace can see me dancing! LOL Great job Pam is looks really awesome.
Bronny said…
I saw this on 123 this morning and recognised it at a bloggers WIP - woo hoo! Congratulations! What a special piece of art! - obviously you worked out your border 'issues' - the finished piece looks great!!
Wonderful job and happy dancing with you!
Gabi said…
Oh my gosh...this is GORGEOUS. Congrats on that beautiful finish. Dancing here with you. This finish really deserves a happy dance.
Carol said…
Just lovely, Pam! I love that little panda :)
Your sampler is wonderful, to finish it off, I see it with a nice suede mat and golden frame, while emphasing the beauty of your stitching. This sampler will be a stand~alone piece of love, determination and contentment. Enjoy and be always in stitches.
Deb said…
I'm dancing with you Pam - the partying is continuing into Wednesday! That is one absolutely beautiful sampler. You must be besides yourself with joy!! I can't wait to see this piece framed! Truly an heirloom!
Rowyn said…
Thanks for your recent comment on my blog :-)

Your sampler is gorgeous! Well done.

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