I Should Know By Now

I'm working on some ornaments that I want to send to people. I've already made some to hang on my tree and now I'm working on a second set to give away. The other day Z asked me to help him snap his jeans, so being the good mom that I am, I go over to help him and then go back to my stitching. Suddenly, I noticed a chocolate smudge on the ornament that I'm working on. There was chocolate all over my thumb. Where had that come from? I hadn't been eating anything at the time. Then I remembered! Z had been eating chocolate chip cookies. He must have dropped a chip on his clothes and not realized it. Now it was all over my thumb and my fabric. I washed the fabric as best as I could, but I can still see the mark of chocolate. So, I think that I will be giving away the one that is already done and hanging on my tree, and keeping the one with the smudge for myself.

This is not the first time that my little Z has has a run in with my stitching. A little more that two years ago, when Z was a few weeks away from turning three, I had left my scissors on the snack table next to my chair, along with "Noah's Sub", which I had just started to stitch for my God-daughter. The next thing that I knew, Z had the scissors in his hand and there was a decent sized hole in the middle of the fabric. When I told my mother-in-law what he had done she said to me, "And he's still breathing?" Luckily MJ was home when I discovered the hole and he shielded Z from me. Now that the piece is finished and hanging in my God-daughter's room I can laugh about it, but at the time I shed more than a few tears.

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to post some pictures of the tree decorating and the ornaments that I've stitched. Our computer tech called last night to tell me that computer was ready for MJ to pick up, so I'm hoping that this time it will really be okay. Most of my Christmas shopping is now done, which the exception of MJ's parents, so I'm looking forward to the holidays coming.


Suzanne said…
Oops! I don't know what color fabric you are stitching your ornament on so I'm not sure this would work, but I have had really good experience with Oxyclean and stains...

Sarah said…
Don't ya just love kids? Bubby always seems to be sticky...and I am not always sure of the origin. :) I am looking forward to seeing pics of your decorations! Hope your computer is up and running soon. Our broke over the summer...it was awful. Luckily Ant was able to recover most things.

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