Someone Sent Me A Frog

I sat down last night to work on my personalized sampler. The kids were up in their rooms and MJ was working on loading programs onto the new computer so I had some quite time all to myself. I was happy that I was almost done with the page I was on because it was the last page on the top row of the sampler. All of a sudden I notice that I off by one thread and that the border was not lining up. I spend almost an hour picking out what I had so carefully (or so I thought) stitched. Luckily, I was able to pinpoint where my mistake was and I was able to fix what I had done wrong.

Now that I have the new computer I will be able to take pictures of my WIPs so that people can see that I really do get some stitching done. It was hard to sit down and stitch in the days right before and during Christmas, but now that the holiday is over I can get some done. It feels good to have a needle in my hand, except when I have to frog out hours of work because of one thread. Argh!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was very busy, but really enjoyable. I had Christmas Eve here, which included my MIL, FIL, BIL, and future SIL. M and Z had a ball opening their presents from their grandparents. My FIL loves airplanes and has lots of models hanging in their basement so my kids have picked out which ones they like the best. FIL got each of the boys their own models of their favorite planes for them to play with. I snapped this picture after they opened them up:

After the kids opened their gifts I headed into the kitchen to get dinner ready. My family and MJ's family are of Italian descent so for Christmas Eve dinner it's fish, fish, and more fish. I had more pots and pans going on the stove at one time that I ever though possible! MJ wanted to have a picture of me cooking:

That is my MIL in the background. She wanted to help me cook, but I thought that would make for too many cooks in front of the stove, so she kept me company and handed me things that I needed from the table. We had a really nice night and I had alot of food. But then again, I guess that is one of the points of the holidays, isn't it? To be able to eat lots of good food.
I have to say that my favorite gift this season was the gift certificate that my BIL and future SIL gave me to Lazy Daisy, my local needlework shop. I ask for stitching stuff every year and nobody ever gets me stuff, so when I opened the envelope I was dancing for joy in my chair. I can't wait to head into the shop to spend it! There is always something that I want to buy there.


Suzanne said…
Sounds like a good Christmas. I want to hear about all the new stash! LOL


Happy New Year!
Sarah said…
Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! I like the pic of you cooking. :) Hope you get some great stuff with your gift certificate. :)

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