Kids In My Kitchen

My kids love to help me cook, especially sweet things. It was a cool and rainy day on Saturday, so what do we make? Ice cream!!! Home made ice cream is the best. The little people wanted chocolate chip, so I froze the canister to my ice cream maker, bought the ingredients needed, and we spent part of our Saturday morning making ice cream (this was going in while MJ was upstairs putting together the sewing table).

M's favorite part of cooking anything is breaking the eggs. Whenever he comes to help me the first question he asks is, "Are there any eggs? Can I break them?" Look at that egg breaking technique! Not too bad for a 9 year old!

After the eggs were cracked into the bowl they needed to be "lightly beaten." M is teaching Z everything he knows about whisking:

M is really interested in cooking until you get to the part where you stir constantly until the custard is thickened. Z finally got some stirring time in at the stove:

The finished ice cream was really good. Smooth and creamy with LOTS of mini chocolate chips. They've been eating it for dessert ever since. I enjoy cooking with my little guys. It's something that we all enjoy and there is a great end product to eat when we're done. I love it!


Petra said…
Your sewing table looks wonderful as does your L*K hanging banner! Home made ice cream is something I've never conquered!

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