Christmas Shopping

I was going through my calendar the other day and was absolutely astounded to realize that Thanksgiving is in two weeks. WHAT?? Where did the time go? I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. Not only did I not start the shopping, but I hadn't even made the list of people that I have to buy for. I am way behind. By now I'm usually at least half way done with buying for people and I'm looking for good places to hide things from the kids. The only present I had was the trivet that I made for MJ's mom that I finished months ago. It's time to swing into action!

Finally, yesterday, I started my shopping. I didn't get a whole lot done for the adults on my list, but I did get a bunch of the things that the kids wanted. I actually like to shop for the kids. They are the easiest to buy for by far. A game, a few books, some surprises and the kids are always happy. There are so many other people that I just don't know what to buy. Most of them are to the point in their lives where if they want something they will just go and get it for themselves and not wait for a birthday or holiday to come around so someone can buy it for them. At least MJ and I agreed that we are not going to exchange this year. One adult person off my list! Yes!


Suzanne said…
I am planning to make some of my gifts this year and I have not even started either. Guess I need th think about that, huh?

Sarah said…
It is amazing how quick the days fly by. I am hoping to make 12 kinds of cookies this year and must start this weekend. Not only do I have to make them, I need to keep everyone's hands off them :)
Petra said…
I agree it gets hard...that's why in my family we decided to forgo giving to each other except for the kids, they receive!

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