The Sewing Table Is Here!!

I got a call from the furniture store the other day that the sewing table that MJ bought for me was in. We picked it up and MJ put it together for me yesterday afternoon (with only minor injuries, I might add!) This is what it looks like when it's closed:

It looks like a nice table. The color of the finish actually matches our bedroom furniture pretty well, too, so I was happy that it doesn't look totally out of place in there.

This is the table when all the cabinets are opened for sewing:

So I just had to open it up and use it this afternoon. MJ was mowing the lawn and M and Z were playing and quiet so I took my sewing things up to my room and finished this:

I can't wait for Christmas decorating time so I can hang it on one of the doors!


Suzanne said…
Congrats! Your little "tinsel tangle" is really cute too!

Sarah said…
It looks great! I LOVE your tinsel sign...too cute!

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