Technology Is...

Well, this is the first day that I've able to get online in almost a week. Last week I turned on the computer and all of the sudden the screen went black. I turned it off, re-started it, and I got the same thing. MJ came home from work and looked at it, but could not get it to work either. So, we had to take it to a computer tech person to have him try to fix it. The good news is that he got he computer up and running again as good as it was when we first bought it two years ago. The bad news...I lost EVERYTHING!! All of the pictures that I had - GONE! All of the the things that I designed on PC Stitch - GONE! All of the tax information that MJ had - GONE! I just wanted to cry. The stuff on PC Stitch, well I could live with losing that. I was not happy, but I could live with it. The pictures, however, are a different story. I called some relatives to see if they could send to me pictures that I e-mailed to them so that I can have them again. The family has been very accomodating and everyone that I spoke to said that they would do everything that they could to help me out. At leat Ill be able to get somethings back.

That's my sob story. On to other subjects! MJ has been on vacation this week and we have really made headway into getting the house a little more straightened up. He's sorting toys with Z right now. I really should be up there helping them but I've been suffering computer withdrawal and this was my chance to end my suffering! You don't realize how much you use something, like a computer, until you can't use it anymore.

I hope that everyone has a great and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. We will be heading to my in-laws fr dinner and I'm really looking forward to it. As much as I really like to cook for the holidays, there is a part of me that is really glad that I don't have to get up early tomorrow to clean, stuff and roast a large bird.

Have a Happy everyone!


Suzanne said…
I'm so sorry about losing your stuff...I had a computer crash on me and I lost everything one time too. Now my pictures and videos are on my main computer, backed up on an external hard drive, and backed up on discs too. Can you tell I'm a picture person?! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving!


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