I'm An Auntie!!!

MJ's brother called us this morning to let us know that his wife had their baby. A beautiful little boy! We knew she was having a boy, but it's still really exciting to hear that this little one made his way safely into the world. Z is excited because he and his new cousin will be sharing the same middle name. M is not too thrilled because now is another baby to mess with his toys. We'll have to do our best to see that doesn't happen. MJ's parents are thrilled to be grandparents for the fifth time (four boys, one girl). They are looking forward to being able to meet their new grandson. Hopefully for them, that will happen soon.

It's good things that are happening right now in the family. The new baby being born and the wedding next year for MJ's younger brother. It's nice when there are good things to look forward to.


Sarah said…
Congrats! What great news!
Petra said…
Congratulations! Nothing more blessed than a new baby in the family!

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