For My Boys

When I finished sewing my Tinsel door hanging, Z asked me to sew him something. "What would you like?" I asked him and his response was, "Winnie the Pooh!" I has stitched these two small Pooh piecesfor him two years ago ( I remember watching hockey from the Turin Olympic while I was working on them, so that's how long ago I started them) and never made anything with them. By the time I remembered about them he had grown out of the Pooh faze, or so I had thought. Pooh was what he wanted. So my little guy and I headed to the fabric store and picked out this great Pooh fabric and I started sewing (did I mention that I love my new sewing table?) This was the end result:

Of course, once M saw that Z had a new wall hanging, the first thing that he said, "What can you make me?" I had this Buzz and Woody piece that I had stitched a while ago for him. It was supposed to be the center of a "Toy Story" quilt, but I could not find Buzz and Woody fabric, so the quilt sort of faded into nothing. While Z and I were shopping for the Pooh fabric, I found the fabric that I have been searching for:

That's right! Buzz and Woody fabric! I was so excited because M wanted me to make him a wall hanging out of it. So now, both of my boys have their very own creations by Mom.


Sarah said…
So cute! I love it when kids appreciate homemade items. :) They look adorable!
Mylene said…
Great finishess for your boys!!
Stephanie said…
I love how you made fabric frames for these projects. They look great! I'm making a similar Toy Story project for my Mom and never thought of a fabric frame. Guess, I'll plan on that! Great job!

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