I'm Falling Down A Rabbit Hole

In my last blog post I wrote about buying some new patterns from Etsy, and someone asked which seller I used.  The seller is AwesomePatternStudio, and these are my new patterns:

Z has a love of elephants, so for him I'll do a mandala elephant.

M loves all things with cats, so I bought a ploygon cat for him.

For me I'm sure it's no surprise I found a panda! 

And, of course, now that I'm looking I found so many more panda pattern.  What did Yoda say?  "Control!  You must learn control!" I guess it's a good time to practice my Jedi life skills, because I have more patterns than I could reasonably ever hope to get to!

Work on Welcome to Hogwarts has been steady.  I finished the second page, so we've officially passed the halfway point.  I have to remember that I made a counting error on page 2 (you would think I could count to 4 after all these years of stitching, right?  Not so!), so I have to make sure everything lines up when I finish page 3 and move on to page 4.

And finally, I have something that makes my Yankees loving heart very happy: a David Wells bobblehead!

My husband got tickets at work, and I was so excited when I realized it was a give away night.  Created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Wells' 1998 perfect game, they were given to a limited number of fans at the stadium.  I made sure MJ and I were in line early enough to get them.  And it was a GREAT game, too!   A perfect ending to my blog post.  :)


Good for you on snagging the Yankee bobble head! Also, thank you for the etsy shop info. You picked up some neat patterns. You have made good progress on your Castle piece. Enjoy your weekend!

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