What I Get For Being Proud Of My Work

So, Wednesday night was my weekly stitch night with my friend, Christine. I stitched for two hours and got the whole L done on the Love piece that I'm working on. Ver proud of my accimplishments, I ate the yummy dessert that she made, packed myself up, and went home.

Fast forward to Thursday night. The kids are upstairs and quiet (which can be rare). There is a good James Bond movie on television. MJ went to go see how his mom was doing since he had not seen her since we found out that Aunt Janet passed away. I had the house all to myself and lots of stitching time ahead of me, right? WRONG!! Apparently, while I was so confidently stitching away at Christine's house on Wednesday night I made a mistake and was off my one thread. So, everything that I spent two hours stitching on Wednesday has to be ripped out on Thursday. Ugh!!

I thought stitching was supposed to be fun??!!!


Elaine said…
Aww sorry you had a visit from the little green monster. Hope he has gone on a long vacation..lol.
Oh NO! I hate when that happens. I'd be likely to try and find a way to fudge it before ripping it out. I hate doing that.....

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