I'm Not Perfect

There! I said it. I am not afraid to admit it. I'll even shout it from the rafters so that everyone in blog land can here me: I'M NOT PERFECT!! They say that when the Amish make quilts they intentionally put a mistake somewhere in it to remind themselves that only God is perfect. Well, let me tell you something: I don't have to add them intentionally. They just seems to happen to me! I think they lay in wait for me and then jump into my stitching while I'm not looking. After I spent all that time ripping stitches out of the LOVE piece I re-stitched the section that had a mistake, only to discover that I made the SAME MISTAKE in almost the exact same place!! That's right! I'm off by one thread AGAIN!! This time, however, I had already stitched alot of the design around the letter L. So, it's staying like that, mistakes and all! The L section finally got finished and I can move onto the E.

It's pretty, isn't it? I've been reading alot of books and novels about Tudor England and the design reminds me of that time period. Maybe it's the swirlies. When I work on this I imagine the ladies of the Tudor court and wonder what embroidery they worked on. It hasn't been my favorite piece to work on, but I love the look of it, so I am looking forward to finishing it for many reasons.

My friend, Christine, came over for stitch night during the week and she e-mailed me to tell me that she had a present for me. A present?? FOR ME?? My curiosity was peaked! What could she have bought for me? Hmmmmm....

Isn't she cute? She is a Jim Shore fairy and she is sitting atop a spool of thread. I love her! I put her on the the little shelf that I have in the den, which is where I do all of my stitching. Hopefully, with her watching over me, I won't have to be doing a whole lot of ripping out anymore!
I got one of my favorite call this week: my framing is done! Don't you just love hearing that? Then I get all excited thinking about where I'm going to hang the new things. I knew where Welcome To the Home Of A Stitcher was going to go, so that was a no brainer:
I took a close up of the center of the piece so that you could see the charms that it came with. Aren't they cute?

Finally, the ladies of the needlework guild have eyes. Have I mentioned that I can't make a French knot to save my life? You would think that after all of the years that I have been stitching I would have figured this out by now. Nope. Not so!
When I was picking a frame for this I really liked this one and the owner of the LNS said to me, "Oh, that's the frame that the model is framed in." Guess it's a good match for the design.
I am so excited!! MJ called me from work the other day to tell me that someone that he knows has four tickets for a Yankees game and did I want to go? YES!!! The Yankees opened a beautiful, brand new stadium at the start of the 2009 season and I have yet to get there! Well, I'm going on the 21st! The kids are staying with my in-laws (which is a treat for the kids, for the grandparents, well, maybe not so much of a treat!) and MJ and some friends and I are heading to the stadium! They better win!


What a fun, newsy post!

Wonderful stitching fairy from your friend!

Love your framed pieces - that's a call I LOVE getting as well.

Sorry about the being off by one stitch. I hate when that happens but it has to be really BAD for me to frog it. Yours looks beautiful!
Kathy said…
What beautiful stitching! I just love the Home of a Stitcher piece. Love the colors. And the framing on Needlework Guild is perfect!

Enjoy the yankee game!

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