Not A Whole Lot of Stitching

I have not had a great stitching week. I don't know what the problem is, but my mojo seems to have been MIA for most of the week. I even started a new project, thinking that would excited and motivate me, but I didn't get a lot accomplished on it. This is called "Franky the Thinker" by Glendon Place. I kitted him up months ago and have been carrying him around in my stitching bag ever since, but for some reason I never got to him.

This is as far as I've gotten in two days worth of stitching:

This is part of Franky's arm. The fabric is called Okeefenokee by Crossed Winged Collection. It's got green, black, and purple in it and I think it's perfect for a Halloween stitch. I'm having a little trouble stitching on the dark fabric, but I've been working through it. I'm hoping to get moving on it because I really think that this will be a fun piece to work on. I like fun designs like this one.

Here is an update on Mickey and Minnie:

Minnie has most of her head now, and soon she will have her dress as well. Again, this design speaks to the inner child in me. My mom used to ask me when I was going to stop stitching children's things and stitch something more grown up. Well, these are the things I like and I'm proud of it!
I think that part of the reason I'm not stitching this week is because the kids are home from school on break until the Wednesday after Easter. When they are not fighting like cats and dogs they get along great, but I've been hearing alot of "Get out of my room!" and "Leave me alone." this week. To me, it's not very conducive to stitching time. I think that next week when they both go back to school I will find myself with more desire to get some stitching done. I hope so, anyway.
Sunday is Easter and I am cooking for the holiday this year. My MIL and I switch off between Thanksgiving and Easter. She cooked for Thanksgiving, so I have Easter. Next year it will probably be reversed. What does everyone make for the holiday? MJ wanted ham, which is usually what I make. I would have liked to have tried something different this year, but I got alot of shout outs from the peanut gallery that it would not be Easter without ham. So, ham it is! M likes to help me cook, so tomorrow our project is to make lemon mousse. Something that you have to understand about my kids is that they LOVE lemons. I remember one time when M was little he asked for one for dessert. I peeled it for him like I would an orange or grapefruit, and he ate the whole thing. They are both still like that, so this is a dessert that is right up their little alleys. I got the recipe off of Food Network. It was something Ina Garten made on Barefoot Contessa (I love that show!) last week and I thought that lemon would be a perfect flavor for an Easter dessert. I think my MIL is bringing a cake and MJ's grandmother always brings something sweet. We may have more dessert than food! LOL!


Sarah said…
The lemon mousse sounds awesome! I love lemon desserts. Be sure to post a pic!
Wendy said…
It is a great start already! I'm looking forward to see your progress on it.

Love your disney stitching. When we went to Florida ten years ago, I bought 2 disney kits there. I have finished them, they are so gorgeous.
Now for our 10th anniversary we are going again to Florida this summer, I have seen 3 kits I would love to buy :) I just love them.

Happy Easter.
tkdquintmom said…
Have a fab Easter! I think I'm doing a roast beast...I mean beef. LOL :) I know what you mean regarding Frankie...I have Monster March ready to go as well but, well, there is sits! Trust me, my kids are driving me NUTS too...*sigh*

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