Some Proper Stitches

Baseball is the best medicine! Last night I was watching the Sunday night game on ESPN and I did some proper stitches. Actually, I enjoyed going through the book and looking at all of the different stitches and trying to figure out how to do them. There are some that I really need someone to sit down and show me (like a chain stitch. How the heck do you do that?) but I got a few of them down and they were much easier than I thought.

So, from the top left we have: rice stitch, diagonal rice stitch, block stitch, arrowhead stitch, Queen stitch, Irish stitch, and Parisian stitch.

Second row: various eyelet stitches and a box of cross stitches filled in with a satin stitch.

Now, if you look at the second eyelet stitch I think it becomes really apparent that I need to work on that a bit more, but the smaller ones I think came out pretty good. In a way I feel like I've opened up a really cool can of worms because I keep going through the book to see what else is in there and what I should try my hand at next. I may even try some cut work!!

It's been gray and rainy here all day and I heard from a friend that it's supposed to be cruddy weather all week. That's really stinky because it's spring break and the last thing that anyone wants is to be cooped up in the house all week. Hopefully, we will find some good indoor things to do! M started little league last week and he grew so much that his coach said he needed a new bat! Yikes!! That's what happens when you eat all of your vegetables! Hopefully we'll get to the sporting good store tomorrow, and I think on Wednesday we're going to see "Monsters v. Aliens" Anyone see it? The kids can't wait to go!


tkdquintmom said…
BRAVE woman to do those Queen Stitches. I simply hate them, but ya know me...because I hate it I will embrace it! LOL...and no. I haven't gotten off my lazy butt to order my panda yet. I do want it though! :-) I will....
Great practice sampler! Oh, cold weather baseball is something!! I've watched my kids play many a game while I was wrapped in blanket, gloves, hats etc. Stay warm and have fun!
doris said…
Hi, Pam. Thanks loads for stopping by and leaving a note. I've never seen The Proper Stitch, but I've spent lots of time learning how to do certain stitches. I love queen stitches. I even did a strawberry scissor weight using all queen stitches on 40-count fabric. Fun stuff.

Hope you can enjoy your spring break despite the weather.

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