The Proper Stitch

Does any one have this book? I saw some people posting about it on one of the message boards that I belong to, and I thought to myself, "Self, you need to check this book out." For anyone not familiar with it, this is a link describing it:

I received it the other day and I have to say that it's really cool! It details how to do alot of specialty stitches, which intimidate the heck out of me. Ever since I got it on Thursday I have wanted to pull out my needle, some floss, and a piece of scrap material so I could try to learn some new and exciting stitches. If I can get anything done I will take pictures and post my accomplishments.

This was not a good stitching week. It seems that in my house my kids' birthdays last forever! Today was the kiddie party, which was here at my house, so I was trying to get my home sort of kid proofed for the invasion. LOL!! All week it was cold and rainy here on Long Island, but the weather was with me today and for the first time in days it was sunny and warm! YIPPEE!! The kids had a great time playing outside and us moms had a nice time sitting and chit chatting with each other in the sunshine.

This week is spring break in our part of the world, so I'm trying to see who can play with whom and on which days everyone is available. I'm hoping for some warm weather so that M and Z can go out and get some time on their scooters and bicycles. Can you believe that Easter is only a week away? Wow! That snuck up on me.

Hopefully, I'll get some stitching done this week. Baseball starts tomorrow (Go Yankees!) and I loved to sit and watch the game and work on my stitching. I have been looking forward to the new season for weeks. So, maybe now that my favorite sport is back in action, I'll actually get something accomplished. Have a good week, everyone!


DaisyGirl said…
Hi Pam,
It's so nice to meet you. Thanks for the get well wishes for my Momma. She is doing better a little every day. Drs. feel she might go home this Thursday.
I love the cupcake book! I need to order that one. Hope your little bunny had a fantastic birthday!
tkdquintmom said…
I actually DO have this book and it is AWESOME! Have fun with it! It really opens doors for fun stuff. I LOVE baseball (die hard Cubs fan...hanging head)..someday....I hope to live long enough to see them make a world series again!
Barb said…
Hi Pam! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been MIA for awhile but will post with a new ornament tomorrow hopefully.

I've had the Proper Stitch book for a few years now and I'm working myself up to doing one of the samplers. What throws me is the white work and the drawn thread work.

I'm putting your blog in my reader.

Barb, a former NJ girl.

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