It's Little League Time!

A few seasons ago M decided that he wanted to play baseball. We were skeptical, because he had never really shown any interest in playing anything before, but we signed him up and were lucky that he was placed on the same team with two of his friends. He loved it!! Now, every year, we anxiously await the beginning of little league. This past weekend was his first game. Luckily, it was the nicest day of the spring that we've had so far. Z decided for his birthday that he wanted a glove and ball so that he could play ball with his dad, just like his brother. He was playing catch on the sidelines during the game.

There is my little slugger! Now, I have to admit that he's not going to be the world's next David Wright (his favorite Met), but goes out there and tries hard. That's all that I could ask of him. This year he is playing on the Cardinals and he has a great coach!! I thought it was great that Saturday night she sent an e-mail to each boy on the team telling them what a great game they had and picking out something that each kid did during the game to praise them on. Talk about uplifting! All coaches should be like that.

They were supposed to have a game tonight, but since it's pouring out, there will be no baseball in Mudville this evening. Hopefully, Thursday night will be better weather and the fields won't be too wet.
I've been doing a little bit of stitching over the last few days. I pulled my sampler back out and am nearly finished with page 10. When I went to my LNS last week for their monthly Sit and Stitch they were having a trunk show Handblessings. I had never really seen of her designs before, but I totally fell in love!
This one is called "Welcome To the Home Of A Stitcher". I love the colors.
Okay, I've been dreaming about this one since I bought it. It's called "Blessing Cross". I have no one to make it for at the moment, but I know that one day in the future I will have reason to make this for some special little baby. There are no color conversions if the design is being stitched for a boy, but I don't think it would be too hard to pick blue floss and a nice baby blue fabric that would go with it.
I have a friend who I met though the 123 message board and she lives only ten minutes away from me, and I soon as I saw this, I thought of her. She is what you would call a serial starter.
I'm not a serial starter by any means, but I know the feeling of this sentiment. I think that there is nothing more satisfying that putting that last stitch into a piece that you have worked long and hard on.
Hopefully, next time I'll have some stitchy pictures. Have a good week.


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