A New Day, A New Start, A New Finish, and Some Help, Please

I'm about two weeks into the three week course of antibiotics for the Lyme's Disease, and I guess I'm feeling a little better. Not quite so sleepy and definitely not so achy. Which, for my stitching at least, is a good thing. I haven't felt like stitching much lately. I had to put the HAED pandas away for awhile because it was just too much to work on and too hard to concentrate on right now. But my stitching bag contains several projects, much easier to work on than the HAED, that are all kitted up and ready to go.

The new start is another Little House Needleworks design called "Embroidery Guild". I saw this at the LNS one day as I was walking out the door, having already spent the money that I had gone there to spend. I picked it up the next week because I had to have it.

I started it yesterday, so I have not gotten very far with it, but like all Little House Needleworks projects that I have stitched, I am enjoying it. I should be getting some good stitching time in the next few days as spring break is over and the kids are back in school, so I should be able to show decent progress on this.

At least you can start to see that I'm working on a red dress of an embroidery guild member.
As for the finish part of this blog entry, I am happy to say that "Music and Books" is finished!
Books and music are two of my favorite things, after stitching and chocolate, and are so important to me. I love to read, and my kids think that it's hysterically funny that I vacuum and clean the house while I have my iPod stuck in my ears, so this was a fun piece for me to work on. Now I just have to decide how to finish it off and where to put it.
Is anyone else running out of room to put things that you have stitched? Every time I start something new I have family members who ask, "Where are you going to put that?" Hmmmm! Well, actually, I haven't thought about where to put it once I'm done with it. I really just wanted to enjoy working on it.
Now we are moving onto the "help" portion of this entry. Stitchers out there, I need your suggestions! I have my leaflets in a large plastic magazine holder, however, since the opening of The Lazy Daisy almost three years ago my purchasing of new and exciting leaflets, fabric, and flosses have increased dramatically. At the moment, my magazine holder is over stuffed and I can't fit anything else into it. How do you all store your leaflets? Where do you keep them and what do you keep them in? Any ideas are welcome because I have to figure something out.


Glad you are starting to feel better and hope your recovery is swift.

I used to keep my mags/charts in magazine holders. I found Really Useful Boxes at Office Depot. They come in all sizes from tiny (great for needles, beads, etc) to 12x12 hanging files.

I use the 9 liter size (it holds 2 500 sheet reams of computer paper), I use 2 - 17 liter boxes to hold my threads and fabrics. They stack well and fit well on any shelves.

Deb said…
I have all my leaflets in three hole punched plastic sheets and then in binders alphabetically by designer. Very easy to find things.

Glad to hear that you're feeling better soon. My sister was diagnosed with that a few years ago, so I know what you've been going through.
Carol said…
Oh, Pam, that Lyme Disease can be so tough to deal with--glad to hear that you're doing better day by day...

I store my charts the same way Deb does. I have an entire notebook full of PS designs--just love looking through them to plan my next project.
Shell said…
hope you feel better soon,I am no help i'm afraid with sorting out charts mine are in various different boxes and in no order at all.A bit like me lol.

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