Do I Start It Over?

When I posted the picture of the Disney kit that I started I said that I had another one that I started that landed in my UFO pile and that I would post about it at another time. Well, here is my story and I'm hoping that you will give me your opinions.

I started this several years ago:

My first problem is that I messed up my counting somewhere along the line. I'm really not sure where and nothing is lining up the way it is supposed to. I could probably fudge it and no one would really know the difference, but in my mind it's so messed up it's just hard to figure out how to go forward.

My second problem is that I started it on aida, which was the fabric that came with the kit. At the time I was okay with stitching on aida, but since then my tastes have changed and I really don't like stitching on aida anymore. I would rather stitch on evenweave.

The third problem is there is ALOT of white on white stitching (which I think is how I messed up my counting in the first place, but I'm not positive about that). If I re-start this, what color would you suggest that would I do it on? I think that if I'm not stitching on the white it will be easier for me to follow where I'm supposed to me.

This is what I have done so far:

I'm easily at least one third of the way done and I just don't know what to do with it. Continue with it as it is, or start it over? Any suggestions?


tkdquintmom said…
Hmmmmm. Well all of your questions I totally agree with you. I rarely stitch on aida anymore. I guess if it were me, I'd do a 'do over!' lol. Why not? It's been a long time since you started it right? The color of the fabby? Well, how about that pumpkin color of your's I like so much?
Theresa said…
I actually love stitching on aida and I hate stitching on evenweave. my advice would be to start again and stitch it on off-white (ecru) aida so that you can see the white stitches better. If you really hate stitching on aida, you could try doing it on evenweave.
I love the pattern on the kit. Goodluck, whatever you decide to do.
Shell said…
if it was me I would hide it in a drawer and try and forget about it and start something new,only joking.
Start it again on the fabric of your choice,cream or ivory would show the white up better,good luck.
Wendy said…
Hi Pam, I have made this kit also, when we were on honeymoon in Florida I bought two kits of Disney.

I would suggest that you restart it on cream or ecru color fabric and start to do the left site of the kit, so Mickey is the last thing to stitch. That is how I stitched it. But I used the fabric than came with the kit. I have posted a picture of mine on my blog. If you click on disney on my right banner you will find them.
Suzanne said…
I can't STAND for things to be off, as you know if you have seen any of the posts on my blog about me starting things over! LOL I would restart it on an evenweave...maybe a light gray.
LoriRay said…
I, too, would restart it. Sorry you have to do that. :( The suggestion about the light gray fabric is what I was thinking, too.

You could always send your Disney kits to me...*mwah hahaha*
Suzanne said…
Hey Pam,

This does not realate to this post but I couldn't find an email address for you...

Have you seen this free panda chart? It was on a site that someone posted about on the 123 board and I didn't know if you had seen it or not. Thought of you right away! LOL

Suzanne said…
Ok, just tested that link to be sure it works, and of course it doesn't! LOL

Try this one:

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