They Grow Up So Fast

I don't know where the time has gone. This morning I went to register Z for kindergarten! How did he get old enough for kindergarten? Yikes! Not only is M a fourth grader, who will be in fifth soon enough, but now my "baby" will be getting on the school bus along with him, waving good-bye to me as he goes off to school to learn the three R's (and a whole lot more!). Some tell me that I will be "a lady of leisure" now that both of the little munchkins are in school, but I don't know about that. I find plenty to do around the house. And just think of the extra stitching time I will be able to have! Well, maybe it's not so bad that he's old enough to go to school.

I finished the panda that I was making for Z as well. It was a small project, but I didn't stitch very much last week. I guess it was just one of those weeks where I could not get my act together and get the needle on my hand. Anyway, here is the little guy all finished up:

It's too bad that I told Z I would make it for him, because he would great on my wall!

I think that the next projects will be "Not Tonight Dear" by Sue Hillis and "Chocolate Awareness". I posted both of these along with the fabric and floss colors that I have picked out for them. The Sue Hillis design has been calling me lately so I'm looking forward to starting it. If I'm lucky I'll get in a few stitches before I make dinner tonight.

Since I finished a project for Z, you know that M wants something special, too. I'm sure that anyone reading this blog who has school aged kids knows how important video games are to them. M has an XBox 360 and I really think he's addicted to it. Someone on the SanMan Originals Message Board posted this finished. I asked here where she got the design because as soon as I saw it, I thought of M and she gave me this site:

So, this design is moving up on the list of things to stitch, too. At least everything that I want to work on are all small designs, so I don't feel so bad starting all three of them at once. I find that if I have too many things going at once I get overwhelmed with works in progress. So, for me at least, it's better to only have a couple of things going at a time.


Sarah said…
That little panda is so cute!

It is scary how fast they grow up! It makes me feel so old. :(
tkdquintmom said…
I love the panda (of course!). Oh yeah...time flys by so fast. My 'little' guys will be 11 this month!. wow. I've thought about doing the oversized biscornu, but I've got so many other projects to get done! *sigh* just not enough time in the day.
LoriRay said…
HAHAHA, what a cute pattern! :)

I know whatcha mean...they grow up so fast. :( My "baby" just turned 13 and got his first heart-break today. My other is 16 and went to his first job for the second day. *sigh* Why does it go by so fast???

Cute panda! I like him! :)
Brilliant said…
What a gorgeous finish!

I can't believe little Z is old enough for Kindergarten! Still, he will ALWAYS be your baby.

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